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  1. Hi, I seem to remember that I also had the same problem some time ago. It seems to me that after installing everything again I upgraded the Pod Farm from Standard to Platinum through the Line 6 Monkey program. Have you already tried with this system?
  2. Hello, I have a question for the more experienced users of POD Farm 2.5. I use the UX2 sound card and the related Pod Farm 2.5 software in standalone mode. I would like to get the following: If I connected guitar and microphone and the guitar is on tone A and the microphone on tone B and I wanted the tone A of the guitar to come out only from the S / PDIF output without going to the final recording output, while the Tone B of the microphone went to the final output is it possible? Can it be done without the two tones mixing and clashing? Basically what I need is to get the guitar tone out without going to the final outputs (I thought I would do it via the S / PDIF output) and only the B tone of the microphone must go to the final recording or monitoring output. What settings should I have in POD Farm's mixer to do this? Thanks so much to those who will be able to help me! Gil72
  3. Hello everyone, I use the POD Studio UX2 sound card and the related POD Farm 2.5 software and would like to know if it is possible to use a talk box effect to add to the effects chain. The talk box is used by taking the final signal after the effects chain and sent inside the talk box, which then carries the sound with a tube inside the oral cavity of the mouth. With the movement of the mouth, the sound is then modified and captured by a microphone which then returns the final sound to the amplification output. My question is if I can connect a similar effect to the UX2 and then re-enter it via the microphone again within the UX2, thus obtaining the desired result. I attach photos of 2 types of Talk Box that I could use. Can anyone tell me if this is a viable path or if it cannot be done? Thanks for the answers you will be able to give me.
  4. Thank you for the tip! I have all the effects pack of POD Farm 2.5, so by downloading from the link you gave me I will surely find something that can work. In the next few days I will do some downloads and go if I find something that is right for me. Thanks again!
  5. Hello everyone, I use a POD STUDIO UX2 and related POD Farm 2.5 software. I wanted to know if there is an effect that works within POD Farm 2.5 such as the Talk Box. Maybe by using a pedal ... I don't know if there is something of this type or something that emulates this type of effect. To be clear what Gilmour uses in the song Pigs (three different ones) - from the album Animals - Pink Floyd. Thanks for the help you will give me !!!
  6. Thanks for your help! In fact the right preset was already present in the interior of the software that I had downloaded when the pedal was installed. At the moment everything is working fine .... thanks again for the support!
  7. Sure! I would like to use FBV Express MkII to control Pod Farm 2.5. In the manual I read that there is this file to download that is appropriate for this. I'm looking for it but can't find it ...
  8. Thanks!!! everything worked very well! But I still have a doubt ... I purchased this footswitch to work with Pod Farm 2.5 and from the manual I read that I should download a file where MIDI configuration presets are loaded to do this. Where can I find this file? I'm running the whole site but I can't find it. The following is indicated in the manual: "POD Farm 2- Express.fbv". Does anyone know where it is?
  9. Hello, I have purchased the FBV Express MkII product, but I cannot complete the calibration. In step one of the calibration chapter everything is fine, but in step two, where the manual says "Press the on-board pedal forward fully and hold down pedal’s Toe Switch until the Tuner display changes to “2”. This should occur instantly. I can't figure out where the Toe switch is. Something escapes me, can someone help me? Thanks.
  10. I want to buy a POD Studio UX2, and I wonder if I can connect to this one FVB Express MkII to be used to change the sounds that I create in advance with POD Farm and change them during my registration. it is possible to do this? Thanks to those who can answer me!
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