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  1. Just for random response. Thanks for your help guys. Also,... my JTV-89F Arrived yesterday,... first outing tonight at rehearsal,... so far,... utterly astounding guitar! The guitar does pretty much I expected and hoped it would do. Anyway,... gotta dash n get some setups configured and loaded for later on it! Thus far, jacked in through normal guitar cable suits fine,... PODHD 500X will be my next port of call though I reckon,...
  2. Right okay,... please bear with here as this is a new subject entirely. Hypothetically,... JTV plugged into XTL via VDI. Different models from guitar will work? Tunings set in the guitar will work? Is it more the case that the pedal board itself does not hold the tunings information, and therefore can not communicate tuning changes back to the guitar? (in reading up I notice a mention of that it will change the models,... but not tunings.) I'm guessing that the patches on the pedalboard can communicate and store models, but not the tunings. Naturally from a live point of view I can understand that the ability to have tunings changes on the floor would be most ideal. Sorry if this sounds like torture to you guys,.... it's just a not knowing thing. Oh and by the way,... when you guys refer to "mags", what is that? haha.
  3. Am seriously considering a JTV-89F. question I have at the moment relates to compatability with the Pod XT Live. All i've found thus far is "limited compatability". What is this to mean exactly? What won't it do? Many thanks in advance.
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