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  1. I've got a Variax 300 that I use occasionally (2-3 times a year). During my last recording session I noticed some quite audible distorsion when I play more strongly. More so if the unwound strings are played together. Even if I reduce the (onboard) volume, the level of distorsion stays the same. It's just due to how hard I play and most prominent on the B string. I've checked the obvious like the batteries and power brick supply, which both seem good. The distorsion sounds like overdrive rather than added buzzing, so it is not (obviously) mechanical. Maybe if it's something easy like a trim pot adjustment or a connector getting unseated or oxidized. Or less easy, like problems with the piezo elements or tired capacitors. I'd much appreciate any advice regarding the issue. Thanks, HasseFX
  2. Continuing this subject - A few years ago I bought a special mounting plate kit for mounting the GK-3 mic on Floyd Rose-style equipped guitars which have a gap too narrow between the humbucker pickup holder and the bridge, just like on the JTV-89F. However I stowed it away as I had another GK-equipped guitar. Today I decided to use the kit to mount the GK-3 on my JTV-89F. The idea/procedure is to replace the pickup holder with the special mounting plate, on which also the GK-3 mic is attached. The hex mic is almost shoehorned in, with only a millimetre space on each side towards the humbucker and the bridge. As I prefer pretty low action, the string height over the GK-3 were barely adjustable to the prescribed 1 mm height. However the action and playability remains very good. The GK-3 box is attached by double-adhesive tape, as the supplied mounting plate is too big to fit behind the tremolo bridge. The kit seems to be available here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/230382219884 The procedure is easy and straightforward and there are no harm done to the guitar as the plate utilize the existing screw holes for the pickup holder. The images below shows the result.
  3. A way around is adding a Roland GK hex mic. I experimented with mounting a Roland GK2A to my Variax JTV69F - a bit tight with space - to control a VG99. However I'm allergic to the steam punk looks of it :lol: I'm thinking about fitting the Roland GK-Kit-GT3 inside the guitar. The real problem would be to drill for the GK connector...
  4. Try adjusting mic positions, i.e. tele bridge bucker closer to the bridge, to change tonal chatacter.
  5. I bet you could not remove one single model from the standard set without huge complaints ;) My suggestion would be to make each model (old and any new ones) available as a "package" and make a utility where the user could compile any combination of models for downloading to the guitar (within the DSP limits). Or maybe, new body types and microphones as I guess thats how the internal structure works.
  6. http://line6.com/support/topic/2014-now-available-variax-hd-upgrade-and-workbench-hd-software/?p=12443
  7. ...the big difference with 2.0 that I seem to notice, that would require quite some tweaking if you got a setup tuned with 1.9 or older, is the more "true output levels" of the models. The pre-HD models were different in sound characteristic but more uniform regarding levels. So retuning the setup for 2.0 JTVs - POD or not - have to consider these levels - just like when plugging in different physical guitars (ie hot buckers vs "naturally weak" single coils).
  8. I guess that one of the effects of the "more sensitive" models in v.2.0 is that output level differences from the piezos become more apparent. After the upgrade I found the D-string way louder than the other strings across all models - nothing I really noticed with 1.9. I had to attenuate the D-string by 5 dB to get it to conform with the other strings. I also noticed, as others already have heard, that the 2.0 models are more sensitive to rattle and other noises than 1.9 or my old 600. Or really, I did notice that with the HD acoustic models in 1.9. The noises seems to be more prominent in different ways depending on model, as the "natural" noise is "translated" by the DSP the same way the piezo signal is...
  9. Is it possible to use the effects loop send as a clean output to the daw and get 3 channels into the DAW (1 clean + 2 stereo/dual amp)?
  10. Be careful to check the models of your 1.9 upgraded Variax if you got some error in the process. I had a similar experience as you, where the upgrade resultet in an error. The JT-89F seemingly worked after unplugging/plugging in and reported 1.9 to Line 6 Monley. However, I found some of the models totally wrecked (the 89-specific high gain models were 30dB down and one special guitar had the tuning and mic placement all over the place). I attempted a few more upgrades and finally it went through (and all models were restored). I suspect a VDI cable or connector problem on my behalf.
  11. Being new to Floyd Rose-style string locking systems and lacking any documentation about such from Line 6, i found this Graph Tech link useful: http://graphtechsblog.com/?p=875‎ It covers changing strings, tuning and intonation. Happy Allen wrenching :)
  12. I had a similar problem today and in my case me i suspect it's a problem with the supplied VDI-cable or the VDI connector in my JTV-89F. First reflash failed - the guitar ended up with some of the models really messed up. Second attempt aborted and third succeeded. The only difference between the occations were several (dis)connections of the VDI cable in the guitar.
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