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  1. Hi, does anyone have a patch for this? i just want to setup a stereo pedal. return. i imagine i need 2 returns? any help much appreciated..
  2. Hey guys.. thanks for your help i managed examined that tone Uber sent.. and was able to add the dual amp on a tone I use. problem now.. is I love the semi wall of guitar sound as it is.. so I decided not to use the clean sound for now.. just run these both into the DAW.. the problem either way.. is I still needed the gate on that chain and the pitch effect because im using fs4 to drop -2 Is there a way to split the effects bus? it would be great if so.. or in a firmware upgrade... right?? heres the tone.. if anyone chooses to see the issue. the amp 2 is not dropping-2 on pitch and needs a gate |http://www.divshare.com/download/24336493-a1c thanks in advance for any help
  3. Charles spurgeon preset is sweet.... Can you share that?
  4. Hi.. Is it possible to use input. Guitar in. Then load line 1 and line 2 into separate channels on my daw. So I can have one through a preset.. And one clean? I figured I can do it with a splitter.. But is there a way around that? I want to record one with a preset. And have a clean signal to use to run through amplitude 3 or any other modeler to build a wall of guitar sound easier. Thanks in advance.
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