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  1. thank you, so much! :) I'd rather not use it then - I'll sell it to a friend who has a memory man :) does anyone have a recommendation for an expression pedal for the HX effects? Something not too long. :)
  2. That is lollipoping awesome. Thank you so much for that tips. I really have to read the manual again.
  3. Yeah, I didn't get rid of my polytune 2 noir haha... I guess I was just spoiled.
  4. What do you find effective in a tuner? I am not exactly sure why I don't like it, but the Line 6 tuner seems quite latent, and not very accurate. Perhaps I am not reading it right, but I have a TC electronic polytune, and for some reason, it's far better -quicker and more accurate. Could I be doing something wrong? What do you think about the tuner? Disclaimer for overly sensitive posters: I love the HX effects, it's amazing, and can have my first born son or daughter.
  5. ok so I did my first gig with the HX effects last night! Very, very cool. Some great sounds and overall very happy. However, I had one issue - the capacitive switches triggering when I wasn't pressing them. So, I would be playing, and look down to switch something off, and at some point in the meantime from the last time I looked at it, it must have had a long press false triggered and I was now deeper into one of the effects. This had not happened at any point in the past week messing around with it, but happened at the gig. How do I prevent this? Is it because I'm using my shoes on it, and maybe some water or dirt is getting on it?
  6. Oh, and it's an m-audio expression pedal - was at a gig and couldn't answer you, Phil. Ex-p Worked perfectly with the older pods and works just fine with midi controllers and the memory boy. I find it odd that calibration would be dropped as a feature, but I'm one of those reaper user guys who loves getting stuff configured just right and having options. What is a cheap, suggested alternative? Thanks Phil! Your posts always help
  7. De pedal works perfectly with my memory boy, so I doubt it's a problem with the pedal. I've also hooked it in to MIDI devices at the studio and it works perfectly. My question was whether or not the HX can calibrate at all. If that isn't the case, that's fine. I'll just have to buy a different expression pedal which is compatible with the HX. But that's why we ask questions, no?
  8. thanks for that! I am looking specifically, for something that can calibrate my pedal. I have already set it up, as I mention, it just doesn't see the entire range of the pedal. The knob on the side adjusts the range of the pedal, but nothing I seem to do can get the entire range to show in the HX. Let me just make it perfectly clear: I love the HX!
  9. Just an update, do you want one? I have a few. I am now loving the HX effects with real amps. :) It's very unfortunate but a reality here.
  10. right now, it's only detecting 59 percent of the toe position. I have changed the knob on the side of the pedal to no avail. Polarity switch is correctly positioned. Is there a way to tell HX what is my pedal's 100 percent and what's its 0 percent? I thought the pod hd500x did this?
  11. Thank you SO much for dealing with my crazy questions. You are the bomb! :)
  12. Phil, you have been immensely helpful here! I love this product and I am looking forward to diving in a bit more. I'm gonna take a second look at the manual after all of these posts. thanks!!!
  13. thank you so much! Super helpful! I mean, do you want to go over exactly what happened here? Everything was fine until you wanted to troll. Have a great one :)
  14. thanks, man :) and thank you for all these responses!!! :D
  15. you all can't be so incredibly oversensitive that you think me simply asking if this item can do something means that I don't appreciate how awesome it is... Yre joshin' right?
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