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  1. Right now, if you've been sitting on the fence:
  2. Thanks for the tip! I used to physically tune the strings down a whole step and the noticed D string gave a ring-modulator double-note sound. At the time, L6 support told me that the software was calibrated to standard tuning. -I had no problem though tuning down a half step.
  3. I got the B9 a few weeks ago. Great pedal. I use it with EXH's SuperEgo pedal.
  4. I use 11's with a wound 3rd because I use mainly acoustic settings. Sounds great!
  5. Ok, thanks! When I'm tweaking patches in WB, will I hear the resulting sound tweaks in my headphones plugged into the computer or does it need to be routed to another source?
  6. I mainly only use acoustics, Rick 12 and sitar with my solo Beatles tribute. Were the acoustics affected in 2.0 so that turning up the Global String Levels to 100% in WB remedied most noted issues? I have never opened Work Bench, and I'm almost afraid to unless there is a major improvement. For my own remedy, I did some major EQ tweaking of the acoustics with a Zoom multi-effects pedal primarily to reduce the percussive attack and add echo. The only other thing I noticed was with the Rick 12 with both pups on the octave strings and unison strings were not too pronounced. Not sure if I should live well enough alone.
  7. Bravo, glad you got one! I've got one and it works flawlessly! For me, much better than worrying about (the 2) batteries I currently have.
  8. I do a solo Beatles tribute, so I use mainly the acoustics 6 & 12 strings, occasionally the middle pickup rockabilly Gretsch and the Rick 12. I also use the sitar for parts of Norwegian Wood. The alternate tuning feature also comes in handy instead of a capo.
  9. I had the same problem even putting it into the guitar, lol.
  10. I love Yamaha! I think "quality" with their name! Personally, I don't seem to have half the problems commonly reported, but have confidence Yamaha will step up to the plate.
  11. I use 11's with a wound 3rd and it's fine. As noted, you may need to tweak the truss rod. Make sure you only use standard tuning when tuning up the strings.
  12. I noticed the same. I did some EQ tweaking and it helped. I seem to recall someone here mentioning using electrical tape on the saddle to minimize sensitivity.
  13. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead with Yamaha at the helm.
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