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  1. I know some people are not sold on Earvana and I tried it with skepticism but it worked perfect for me. I worked and worked on proper setup and tuning with several luthiers and when we finally decided to try that it was a last resort. May not work for everyone in every situation, but for me I am very happy.
  2. I am having a strange behavior whenever I use the HD Edit software. When I am trying to edit the pedal parameters on ANY amp the tab always goes blank after I choose the amp. It happens about 75% of the time. It's as if the laptop mouse button is stock. nothing like this happens on any other software while using the mouse buttons. Any ideas?
  3. I'm not a Reaper user but I store patch changes all the time in Ableton Live and have many different DAWs over the years. So I can't speak directly about Reaper I would first check to make sure that Reaper is actually sending midi out to your midi interface. Most DAWs all for differing input and output paths. As for the patch names, it sounds as if Reaper is assuming that are using a GM sound source and is defaulting to those patch names. Some DAWs allow you to create your own patch names and others dont. It probably is a simple text file that is being looked at so if you can find that file you can always edit it to match your patch names but don't change the name of the file. Hope these ideas help. Like I said, it's possible. I do it every week for leading worship.
  4. I LOVE this video! So how do you guys suggest using these ideas best with an HD500x?
  5. Ableton Live sends midi tempo automatically. Just set you Pod to Global in the tempo area. Then the Pod will always match the tempo from Ableton. I do it this way every week in church. Works perfect.
  6. Thanks Matt! Great information. I never use the tremolo bar. Could the springs inside that mechanism be stealing some of the energy in the body? If so, is it possible to remove those springs?
  7. I love my JTV-69. However, I have felt like the E and B strings just don't sustain like they should. They sound fine, just don't sustain well. I've tried adding sustain with compression with a little success but still not right. I've also played with the height of the strings. If it helps, I ALWAYS use the VDI connection to a HD500x because of the ability to store guitar models in the patch. Any suggestions?
  8. I have noticed that my Les Paul has a much hotter output than the VDI output on my 69. I like the higher output because it seems to drive the amps better. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Any ideas on what to do? Currently I start each new patch with a Studio EQ and push the gain, but it's just not the same.
  9. Audio - MIDI - Our band monitors the click using the Behringer IEM system. Cheap but works perfect. I start and stop using the Behringer FP1010. My ONLY issue has been that Ableton Live does not let you record program changes for an external device. So for a while I was using OSC on my iPad to input control changes that could be recorded and then sent back to the HD500 after being translated to program changes using a convertor box from MIDI Solutions. Recently I have used Ableton in the arrangement mode which lets me quickly create a 1 measure midi clip that can be assigned an extrernal program change, but only 1 per clip so a song my required 1-4 clips. If there was an easy way to map CC to PC on the HD500 that might work as well. Not sure if that is even possible. I am responsible for music, audio, video, staging, and lighting at the church. Don't need another thing to learn! Glad to know that someone from Line6 is reading and interested. Thanks!
  10. It will. After several weeks of waiting I finally got an email back from Earvana stating that very thing. I had asked them which one I needed before installing one on my JTV69. I waited for 2 weeks and then finally bought the one with screws and it works perfect for me. I guess that means they both will work.
  11. 1. I use anywhere from 1-4 presets per song. I switch between them using midi patch changes coming from Ableton Live which provides a metronome and any prerecorded tracks needed. 2. I arrange presets based on setlist order. 3. Usually create a new setlist for each performance
  12. Stumblinman, when you did the replacement did your order the part first or is it one easily found at an electronics store?
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