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  1. Great, thanks for the info fellas! Just what I'm looking for. Topic of choice of software modeler came up on some other forum. Expressed my displeasure at the sound so I barely use the two I have. (GR & Amplitube). Have successive versions for a dogs age on my system(s) but hated using them. Always sounding brittle and harsh... especially the modeled pedals. Some folks advised me about DI boxes, the Z-Tone as well as to try using a buffered pedal in front of my interface. Plugged in one of my Boss pedals the other day and the difference was very noticeable but still sounded bad to me. Right after I posted this thread though, out of curiosity, I tried hooking up 2 boss pedals together.... not turned on, just being powered. And I'll be darned if there wasn't a big improvement. I don't know why.... a boosting or lowering impedance I guess... but for the first time I actually was liking what I was hearing. Even pedals sounded much better. Played around for a couple hours rather than the usual giving up after 5 minutes, heh. I'll try the HD tomorrow and see
  2. Apologies. Haven't been to the forum in a long time and haven't used my HD500X in quite a while and having to slog thru those dense guides...... Firstly, in short. Recently come to understand the importance of using a DI box/buffer between guitar and ones audio interface. Plan on getting the new IK multimedia Z-Tone thing.... however.... I was wondering if plugging my guitar into the HD, trying the various impedance settings and outputting to my interface, might that accomplish something similar. Don't want to use any of the amp models, cabs or anything... just the straight thru put guitar signal. So my question is, does whatever impedance choices I make also affect the thru signal? Second. I remember setting the input sources to get optimum sound was (and probably still is) a real big bone of contention as the default didn't sound as good. Being too brittle/ harsh/noisy or something as I recall. What would be optimum? Thanks
  3. Thanks again codamedia. I have an XTLive and an HD500X and I do use powered PA speakers with them. I get what you're saying about running electric tones and even though just using a 12" in their modeling amps, as long as the speaker has (more or less) a flat response, that works. I only know the HD's capabilities superficially, but afaik, since the HD series, they are more adapted to running into a normal guitar amp/speaker rig.... or rather have preamp models so you can run directly into your guitar amps power section if you could do so. The XTLive didn't and sounded like s*** anytime I tried despite having some EQ curves for amps besides studio direct
  4. Thanks. So if I understand you correctly. When I want to save a patch to a particular impedance, I need to go to the inputs menu, set that to preset, then adjust the impedance for what I want for the patch, and then it'll be saved to the patch. Then when I create another patch and want a different impedance for it, I go back into inputs menu, make sure its still set to preset, change the impedance to what I now want, and it'll be saved to this new patch, correct? See, my logic tells me that, when I'd make the change from global to preset, that then the parameter for choosing an impedance would then be configured within the patch itself! Lol What threw my mind off is that changing from global to preset, preset will have an impedance selected. So I'm thinking, how the hell is that different from global? Because when I'd save a patch, its going to reflect whatever impedance the preset is at! So I'm going nuts looking through the patch parameters trying to find where to set the impedance.
  5. Oh yeah, I get that. Then more specifically, how did the AXSYS2 with just 2-12's able to perform 'properly'. The AXSYS2 had cab modeling, so it wasn't using the 12's as it's 'cab model' , so to speak. So how were those 12"s alone able to sound good without being full range? Only thing I can think of is that its amplifier or the modeler itself was tweaked for those 12's. I never tried it but perhaps if the AXSYS had been hooked up to a PA speaker maybe it would've sounded awful, I dunno. Also , didn't Atomic first come out with powered cabs for modelers that only had a 12" in them and no HF drivers? And of course, how could I overlook, doh! The Spider amps and maybe some others just use a 12" speaker.
  6. I was always curious about this. I used a AXSYS2-212 a lot till it got demolished in a vehicle accident. :( I got great tones out of it better than any of L6's newer stuff, but I digress. Point being. We all know the whole modeler into the full range PA mantra. However, my SYS2 a other new offerings from L6, contain 12" speakers. These speakers may be called 'flat response' by L6, but unless my understanding of speakers and physics is wrong, a 12" speaker cone is not gonna give you a full approximate 20hz - 20khz. AFAIK, even some third party's make cabs with only a 12" driver, no horns, made for modelers Normal 12" guitar speakers only go up to around 5.5~6khz. (overtones or harmonics whatever aside) So how does this all supposed to jive together? :-)
  7. Sorry, I should have been clearer. That I know. What I mean is even though I set that to preset, where in creating a patch itself that I can choose what impedance to save with that patch? This is what I don't get. For example. I go to the inputs menu, choose 1m for the impedance and set it to preset. Now say I have 3 patches.... first one I want it to have 32k impedance, the second patch 90k, and the third 3.2m. How the heck do I do that? :)
  8. I haven't touched my HD500X for an embarrassing long while and I've forgotten everything of what little I knew. I have the input impedance set for Global put I can't understand from the language in the manual how the heck to save a different impedance with each preset. I've only looked at the 'inputs' section of the manual unless its explained better somewhere else. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all your help. However I did wind up re-flashed the the thing and its working correctly now.
  10. I've had this box for a long time but believe it or not I never used the wah on it, however now I do. I simply want the expression pedal to work as a volume and a wah. But I'm getting an echo effect along with the wah. And its not even the way I have the echo set on my patches. However if I turn of the echo button the echo goes away but obviously that's not what I want happening either. I set 'tweak' parameter to 'wah' so why the hell am I also getting echo? There ain't many parameters in that part of the menu to mess with to get this thing to work right and now I'm ready to take a chainsaw to the thing!
  11. 400 Quatloo's? I'll stick with my Amplitube, Guitar Rig or HD500x > computer. :D I suppose if they did charge something more like $199, it'd take sales away from the hardware. :o
  12. Thumbs up for everyone! ;) ​I do a have a bug up my butt in this regard because of another guitar maker who shall remain nameless that makes guitars with 13 pin access and are canadian hehe..... I started experiencing problems after a few years and it's not like it had heavy use, in fact I hardly used it. Then when I called and told of the problem they had me buy a new part they said would fix it but didn't. While I'm on the subject, another thing is gear with so much stuff going on inside that you may take a long time to finally discover, past warranty period of course, that a certain function is defective and probably had been right from the beginning! lol
  13. In general principle, guitars with added computerized hardware should have at least a 5 year warranty for those systems
  14. Can some pressure be applied to Line 6 to 'fix' these crappy acoustic tones? These latest acoustic models are depressing.
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