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  1. I like the 2 channels on my Peavey Classic 20 MH. It also has a handy Boost function. The amp comes with a 2-button footswitch to change channels and also turn boost on/off. Would be so nice to use the Helix to control these functions and leave that Peavey footswitch at home. Is this possible?
  2. I am considering buying a used JTV69s as a backup to my JTV69. I cannot find a 69 here in Germany at this time (used). Are the 2 single coils on the 69 the same as the neck and middle pickups on the 69?
  3. patgiff

    Varian into real amp & acoustic setup

    I just upgraded from 500X to a Helix! But if the acoustic sound is no better, maybe I will downgrade again :-)
  4. patgiff

    Varian into real amp & acoustic setup

    please tell me exactly how you get good acoustic sound from a Variax/Helix/L2T rig, especially using virtual capo. this is THE main reason I went down this path but so far the acoustic sound is really not up to snuff esp with a virtual capo on a 12 string model thanks
  5. I just visited their web site- they have one now.
  6. Now I know my hearing is going down the drain.
  7. One more Q- you got 21 frets but it looks like the one I am looking at (and the stock JTV neck) has 22. Does it matter?
  8. doesn't the JTV neck have 22?
  9. OK hopefully one last question... yours has 21 frets but the one I am looking at has 22. Is this OK?
  10. Thanks! That is exactly what I needed to know.
  11. What tuners did you use?
  12. OK now more questions ;-) I like Medium Jumbo frets. I thought those were 6105. But I see you both got 6150. ? I want to use the stock tuners from the JTV, since I kind of doubt there is an aftermarket for JTV69 necks with tuners attached :-) So I am still not completely clear what tuner ream I should order, but if I give it to my luthier I guess he can make it work as long as the holes are not too BIG. What decal?
  13. So is it safe to say the Planet Waves? And any other specs or widths or whatever I need to know? And... in my case they would be very right about that attitude, except I am definitely taking it to a luthier to get it done right. I already screwed up that job on (fortunately only) a Squier Bullet Strat when I put in locking tuners. Took a loooong time after that, before the guitar would actually stay in tune. :-) Thanks for the info as usual!
  14. Hi all I have seen that people have mounted original Fender Strat necks on their JTV69's. I also see that others use Warmoth necks. I think I will go the Warmoth route. I read that a "CBS Strat with standard thin" neck style would work, but I do not know what the tuner ream needs to be if I want to keep the JTV locking tuners, which I quite like. And is there anything else I need to know? I live in Germany so I need to get this right the first time. And just FYI I am going for a maple fretboard which is always my weapon of choice. Thanks for any advice.
  15. Just to give you all an update... I used the Dream Rig for a gig with Acoustic 1 and the volume was never very loud, so the fan rattle did not appear. But I sent it back just to be on the safe side! And... I just sent back my HD500X (within the 30 day no questions asked window) and bought a 3-month old Helix :-)