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  1. patgiff's post in What is the best way to get a realistic acoustic sound from a JTV? was marked as the answer   
    I hear you.  My back does too.  A modelling preamp pretty much demands an FRFR, anything else does not really make logical sense.  I just still wonder if the POD/FRFR combination is a convincing replacement for a tube amp.   I am not religious about this.  I had Spider Valve MKII's, then I had Digitech RP1000 running into an Engl Screamer, and I tried the RP1000 straight into the PA as well.  I used a Tech21 FlyRig 5 into the PA.  But today I have a  Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 head that I can carry with one hand.  It has 128 presets and 4 built in channels.  A basic set of effects.  Nothing as grand as a Pod or Helix.  But it sounds like a tube amp cause it is.  But still, ff there was a Firehawk 750 weighing half as much, I would give it a try with a Pod HD!
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