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  1. Where can I by Variax Standard tremolo arm?
  2. I am wondering if a patch can be setup as Studio Direct and adjacent patch can be setup as combo power in. Looks like the output setup is global.
  3. I have a Variax Standard.. ny HD 500 maual refers to JTV setting... is it ok to assume JTV setting is same as Standard setting. It's regarding routing Magnetic signal when using DVI Cable. Variax Standard was not available when HD 500 was released.. Mine is not HD 500X
  4. M13 did not have this option..
  5. Long time M13 user 4 cable method into Marshall, Mesa, etc. Sold M13 and was going analog until I found a bargain on HD 500 - not X... I love my Mesa, Marshall DS/OD tone. I want to use HD 500 like M13. How do I kill Amp/Speaker Sim. I think If I kill amp model.. and set output to Power Amp in and connect it as 4 cable..... but... HD 500 has a FX loop that I don't know how to set.. Is 4 cable method global.. That is if I change bank/patch will my amp speaker sim be still turned off?? I had issue with M13 level when using 4 cable...M13 sends low high level stomp box level signal. Some amp... (i.e. Marshall) expects line level signal - ala ....rack effects. Ended uo using Edtech line balance to match the Z.. Wondering if HD 500 has way to send line level..in the FX loop.. Thanks
  6. My Variax Standard came.. and I am not impressed. I had a Variax 300 aside from modeling - it was piece of crap guitar. i find Variax Standard to be not much better. Only the fact that it has magnetic pick-up. Acoustic modeling is thin and lacks any kind of realizm. I thought line 6 would do it better. I mean it is not James Tyler but.. still. I am not sure as many people say that Helix is game changer - would make any difference...
  7. Great reply, thank you all. I thought I went through most of Line 6 evolution and I tried hard...real hard to adapt to modeling realm. So I gave up and went analog route. I was a long time M13 user. loved using expression pedal for controlling drive parameters and modulation. At one gig my M13 power supply went dead - and I had to use all analog setting on my Mesa Mk3. and rediscovered how good tube amp sounded. About a month ago my local Sam Ash were blowing HD 500 for $250. I thought this could be good for home recording and just to fiddle around. Yet, I found that HD 500 was a significant improvement over 2.0 and XTLive that I used use. Now I am considering to adapt some of the feature into my setup. My main gig is church and we are all on IEM on Avioms. I am miking my Mesa V 35 and had some mixed results using their new CabClone speaker simulator output. To me Line 6 sounded better compare to fizzy CabClone. Having said that I my current rig is best sound that i ever had. I am considering having a AB/Y switch and have it split all the time. A goes to my Mesa, B goes to FOH, control B with a volume pedal. So I can blend in acoustic sound. I am wondering if Variax can out put both magnetic and modeling simultaneously. I will keep you all posted... My Variax is scheduled to deliver on 5/11/16
  8. Is XLR always feeding amp sim signal?? If I use it as pedal board only - with no amp block. what is coming out of XLR? I kind of think Helix is very versatile on this end able to route if lot of different configurations.. I hope to hear from user that uses acoustic set up live and how are they using it.. even with DT35 setting the acoustic sound should not run through amp. I hate to go FRFR route. I tried that with POD 2.0 and XTLive through a Roland KC 500.. (FRFR?) new years ago.. I know line 6 technology has evolved a lot but I still think elec guitar through real amp sound best. Having said that I am sure there are many players just do FRFR mode live..and I want to hear their take on giving up real amp.
  9. Hey! I been having love hate relationship with Line 6 products throughout the years from POD 2.0 days. I went through: POD 2.0, POD XTLive, M13, Flextones, Variax 300, Amp farm...etc....Currently I own a HD 500 and ordered Variax Standard to give it another try. My current set up is Guitar into bunch of analog pedal into Mesa Five 35 combo. The tone is jus heaven. I tried using HD 500 as effects pedal only and it sounds real good. I have also tried combo power in mode on the Egnator Rebel 30 and it sounds real good. Now.. I am looking forward to ultizing the acoustic model. Option 1) Use AB Box...and use my analog pedal board into Mesa and split acoustic signal into house PA during acoustic patch. I have to do 2 things when patching.. push the Varian knob. and hit the AB switch. Option 2) Use HD 500 as pedal board - using just the unbalanced 1/4 cables. Can I patch it to send only acoustic signal to the XLR on HD 500 - using mild effects like delay.reverb... Option 3) Use VD1 Cable and hook up all signal to House - shoot back signal back to my real amp for monitoring. I really do not want to give up may Analog Pedal Mesa setting... just want to add acoustic feature into my set up.. Depending on the set list ,, I have my Martin D-28 on a Embrace Stand - into House PA. and reach over with my electric guitar still hanging over my neck to strum D-28.. I am getting old and it is bit cumbersome setup - I want to simply the set up. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. I left my m13 on for 2 days... it started going off.. on... .. I re-set it to factory preset and it didn't do for 24 hours. I am afraid to take it on gig...It sounds real good with my Mesa Boogie MK3 4CM. I am tempted to take OCD but Tube Driver and Screamer s doing fine.. Classic distortion (RAT) is also the killer. That is all I basically use. With R2 mod on my MK3. I have 3 levels of Overdrive at the amp. the R2 channel and Tube Driver really goes well.. Screamer too.. Screamer works well on clean channel... I have the expression pedal on Drive level.. It is amazing to gradually increase gain with ex-pedal. I am re-discovering Compressor.. especially the Red Comp.. I bought Xotic SP compressor and loving it.. I had SP in front of M13 for a while.But to make it simple.. I tried Comp on M13. and having expression pedal on comp level.. I can use it as boost .. gradual boost.. Only if this does not cut off during a solo....
  11. I am glad I found this link... About a year ago. My M13 started cutting out. More like power going out on and off with relay clicks. I gave up on M13 and went all analog pedal. Few days ago I pulled out my M13 and for 2 days it was ok then today it started again. I tried different power supply (I also have old XTLive) different amp. different plug in. I need solution to this repair? I had M13 for about 3 years so I am not sure it will be covered under warrantee... ghj
  12. I was recording few days ago.. an acoustic guitar track. I used Martin D-28 with LR Baggs. It sounded like Marsahall/LR should sound lke.. I pulled out my Variax 300. dailed in D-18,.... It sounded so bad... Is there ae big improvement on JTV guitar acoustic modeling??
  13. oh. PS..My M13 gig bag started to fall apart.. I need a pedalboard/case that can fit M13 and 2 expression pedal that I can keep in on the board attached. So that I can pull it out as is and play..
  14. I had M13 for couple years now.. I did have love hate relationship. which was typical of all my relationship with L6 stuff.. Staring with POD 2.0, XTLive, Variax 300. I have 2 expression pedal. one is for vol, comp, wah. the other is for drive level on all my overdrive & distortion pedals - I love it. I love the tube driver (based on Chandler Tube Driver) I can do 90% of the stuff with this one OD model.. using exp pedal slight crunch to all out over drive. It does work well with good tube amp. My Marshall Haze M13 combination is just great. I changed to my old 1985 Mesa Mk 3 last week because I needed more cleaner tone than Haze. Then the Tube Drive on Clean channel of Mesa just screamed!!.. I do not need mesa's drive channel. as a matter of fact it was more focused and pronounced then mesa over drive. Now I hear a lot about HD 500 - wondering if anyone made transition from M13/M9 to HD500 and give us a review. can it be replacement or upgrade. keep on chopping wood..
  15. I own a old Variax 300 just got it for nostalgic urge. I also own old XTLive and POD. 2.0 M13, etc....R30 Relay etc... Considering JTV Guitars. My recent set up has been pure analogue - well not really.. My Fender Strat or PRS through M13 4CM into Mesa MK3, Egnator R30 etc... So If i get JTV I would still keep my basic setup. with addition to acoustic sound.. My educated guess is that you can use a A/B box to switch between Tube amp for Electric and a full range amp (i.e. Roland KC-500) for acoustic sound.. I do have to do some foot dancing and changing guitar models. am I right? Should I pull out my old XTLive for JTV. is XTL still compatible with JTVs. I can't do HD500 and JTV all at once. and I do not want XTL on my live setup.. I had so much tweaking history with House PA, on stage monitor etc. witn L6 stuff My current set up just can't beat.. and I might ad M13 is one hell of a unit. perfect chain in my rig. I am also thinking.. M13 has stereo L & R out.. can it somehow assign expression pedal to "pan" L to R ....L connected to AMP - R connected to PA and do a smooth transition between Electric and Acoustic sounds.. ghj
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