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Found 44 results

  1. My M5 has been acting a bit strange lately. I have an expression pedal connected to it, but sometimes the M5 doesn't register the full sweep. A good example would be the Whammy preset: I configured the expression pedal to go from 0.0 to +12.0. However, sometimes when I put it toe down, it goes to +11.8 or something. I'm able to fix the issue by disconnecting the power and restarting the M5 a couple of times, after which it stays stable and always registers the full sweep, until I power it up again the next time. Anyone had a similar experience? How did you fix it? It's rather annoying I sometimes have to connect and disconnect the power for up to ten times before it works correctly. Thanks in advance, Wout
  2. jamdon24

    (2) M5 Stompboxes in-line?

    Is there any reason why I couldn’t connect (2) M5 stompboxes in-line to allow for different effect combos (using stereo outputs/inputs)? Thank you!! Jamie
  3. Hey Guys! I've got a M5 pedal, that was dying slowly, as I thought. It was stuck in one preset, was rebooting constantly and no sound produced. I've tried to update the firmware, but it failed. Then I've managed to reset it to factory settings and it worked (actually I did it twice). Pedal does produce sound now, but it behaves not quite like it was before. It doesn't activate a preset until I tap both buttons. So I can scroll through the list of presets, but it would sound like the last preset I've edited. Then I tap both buttons and the selected preset activates. Before the reset it activated selected preset instantly. I've bought my pedal from a person, so I don't know how it should work with factory defaults. Maybe I could set it up to activate presets while scrolling through them? P.S. Also the expression pedal doesn't work with it anymore. Little dots appear, but no changes are made by the exp-pedal. But I'm not sure if it's working by itself.
  4. Hello! I am trying to get an expression pedal to work on my m5 by going through a midi controller. Not sure where i'm going wrong. I am using an ex-1 > decibel 11/switch dr. (cc#1) > m5 via midi. I can change presets with no problem but can't get the expression pedal to work. Any ideas out there. Your ideas and time are greatly appreciated!!
  5. jvalius

    M5 MIDI Bypass

    Anyone get the M5 to bypass through MIDI? I’m trying to send CC messages on patches I don’t need it and it’s not working. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Brodenkirk

    M13 blank preset

    Hello! I am wondering if it is possible to create a blank preset with no effects or a true bypass without having to double tape my preset button when in screen mode. I am using midi to switch channels on my 5150 iii. I would just like a quick way to switch to my distortion channel and have no effects on it.
  7. Dennfce91

    M5 Midi Foot Controllers

    Hi folks, Got a question reguarding foot controllers. I'm on a but of a budget and I was wondering if the bugera fsb106a would be compatible with my M5? If not what are my other options? Looking to keep the price tag under £100 Thanks in Advance Denn
  8. danielwuertz

    labeling your pedalboard

    So I've seen these other stompbox/ midi brand boards and there are companies that make magnetic labels you can put on those boards to know what effect you have on which pedal. I searched and searched for something similar for the m13 stompbox but nothing. So I spent a few hour rigging up my own labels. I used magnetic printer paper. Got pictures of regular guitar pedals and edited them down to a 5/4 ratio. And printed them out. I'll post a picture of the finished product tomorrow
  9. Hi, I got an M5 Stompbox Modeler for the pas 2 years and i really like it. Problem is, since the past few months, i have a problem. If the M5 is on and the effect (lets take heavy distortion for this example) is activated (which means the red light on the on/off is there) the sound is completely fine. BUT if i just press on the ON/OFF button, i'm supposed to hear my clean guitar settings that is coming out of my amp (its pretty much like that for every pedal in the world lol pedal effect off=amp's sound) The problem is that when the effect if OFF, i can't hear anything like if my guitar is no plugged. All my cables work fine (i tested every single one of them) and its only when the effect is OFF that it doesnt work. So i can't use it on stage now because if i just turn off my distortion, i dont have any sound coming from the amp :P If anyone can help me thatd be cool :) (btw i'm not an expert in electronic stuff so telling me codes and stuff will just confuse me xD just explain what you mean and that should be good :) )
  10. es336td

    M5/M9 Echoplex

    I have an M9 and M5. Use them in my A & B rigs. Delay/Echo has eluded me. I don't guess I have the patience. I play in a cover band and we are doing Her Strut by Bob Seger. I know Pete Carr played lead on the tune and supposedly used an Echoplex. I can't seem to get either EchoPlex model to do that repeat after each riff. Any ideas as to achieve that? Thanx in advance for helping this old man.
  11. Hi I have a certain problem with the noise gate on my M5, I found the separate setup under dist group, but each preset has its own noise gate on additional setup (page 2). Now the manual says that I can access the page 2 setup by pushing the model select knob once on the preset. I did exactly that and it just switches thru effect groups. Can anyone advice?
  12. Line 6, what are the chances of getting any updates to the M series? Every couple years I do some research to see if there's anything new or exciting going on with the M Series. My hope was that with the M5 added to the lineup that the M Series platform was not dead and that Line 6 would update some patches or add some new effects. It's such a valuable pedal, I'd gladly pay for new effects or software improvements. I have the Strymon Timeline and the Eventide H9 but the M9 has always managed to keep a place on my board. I must say that the ongoing customer relationship with Eventide through H9 has be spectacular. Would love to see a model like that developed that involves the occasional update. Thanks, John Michael
  13. Seth_wiki

    12 type sound for M5

    I'd like to try and get a 12 string sound using the Smart Harmony effect on my M5, but I have no clue where to start. Can someone please help?
  14. cucumber187

    Really bummed with my new M9

    A couple of months ago I bought a M9, thought it was the perfect solution to pull a few pedals off my board, just to learn that the pedals I wanted to model are one that the M Series can't do! The M9 was meant to replace my: EHX Small Clone Boss TR-2 Fulltone Deja-Vibe The chorus model on the M9 sounds pretty bogus and doesn't even come close to the Small Clone. The Opto-Trem model gets in the ballpark of my TR-2 but sounds a little odd. The Uni-Vibe model sounds pretty awful. My question is- Does anyone know if Line 6 plans to update the models? If not I'm going to have to get rid of the M9 I just bought and put my Small Clone, TR-2, and Deja-Vibe back on my board... or look at a better modeling pedal. Thanks for the help!
  15. Dami4070

    M5 expression pedal issue

    I recently purchased an expression pedal for the line 6 (a source audio dual expression pedal). It works with my m5 but for some reason, the full range of the heel - toe movement is not in sync with the range of whatever parameter I'm controlling. Example: 1) Heel down, parameter set to 0. Heel up, parameter on reaches about 75% of its range. It will not go further. 2)If I do go further, and set heel up to 100% of range, then heel down position is about 20%. Interestingly, it reaches 0% about 1/3 way up from the heel down position. Essentially, the range oscillates in such a way that "0" isn't totally heel down, but is instead at about 1/3 of the way. Thus, the sweep of the pedal ends up being parabolic instead of linear. Any suggestions? I attached a picture to summarize.
  16. LMD_Phil

    Using an M5 as a Rack Wah

    Hello Line6 forum, I'm Phil from Lunatic Man's Dream!. I am looking for a effect unit that can deliver the following specs: - Wahwah sound controllable via expression pedal. So I don't need to run audio cable to my pedalboard but only control cables to switch my rack. - I want to be able, to turn that effect off by putting the pedal to "zero-position" OR by an integrated footswitch(like in Dunlop pedals). Depending on the way, the unit makes that possible, I choose a fitting expression pedal. Does the M5 work this way or do i have to programm special midi presets for having the wah turned on or off? Best regards, Phil
  17. drbob1

    M5-no Dsp Audio Out

    My M5 started doing the "blue screen" where it never came on despite having the Line6 power supply. I actually dug out a power supply that put out 3 amps at the correct voltage just to double check that wasn't the problem. I removed a baseplate screw, scraped the case paint and replaced with a bare metal screw as suggested elsewhere-that solved the "on" problem. I can now reliably get the pedal to power on. It has, however, stopped passing audio in DSP mode (either bypass or effect on). In true bypass mode it will pass signal, so I've got to think the switch is OK. I've done a factory reset, and reloaded the firmware twice to no avail. Aside from disassembling it to see if there's a faulty ribbon cable, any other thoughts?
  18. simonscuba

    External tap tempo?

    I am thinking about investing in the M5 mostly for filters and modulation effects, I was wondering if I connect an external tap tempo to the expression socket will that work? I have a Boss DD-7 on my board and I was thinking it could be pretty cool to have a global tap tempo to sync both pedals. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for your input.
  19. Today I brought a brand new line 6 M5 and when I got home to start playing with it I plug it in and if starts flashing so I turn it on and it comes up with "Flash update mode waiting command..." I am unable to carry out a factory reset and therefore I am unable to use this product, I'm not sure what I can do to sort it out, is there anyone who can help me?
  20. ChristophK

    M5 as voice processor?

    Any experiences with the M5 as voice processor? I'd like to have it between a dynamic vocal microphone and the mixer in live gigs. Specifically, does the M5 have balanced inputs and outputs? And can it cope with microphone levels? Thanks a lot!

    M5 replacement knobs

    HI, needing replacement knobs for M5..Anybody know what type will fit? maybe from this store...or other.. http://www.mammothelectronics.com/Guitar-Effect-Pedal-Knobs-s/25.htm Tnx!
  22. PetGerbil

    Sysex dump from M5

    The manual says .."press and hold Tap while you press down on the model select knob" to save a sysex dump. This doesn't work (at least on my M5) And after much lead swapping and head scratching, I discovered you have to press the On/Off button instead of The Tap button. The manual should say,"..press and hold On/Off while you press down on the model select knob." (Also, if you happen to be using Midi-Ox to record the Sysex, You have to send/receive the data for it to work and not just send it. :) )
  23. mhuss

    Odd M5 Hum Problem

    I have a medium large pedal board with a few 'dirt' pedals, and which had a Line6 M5 for the rarely used effects such as rotating speaker. All the pedals use an isolated output 9v supply, and hum and noise is at very reasonable levels, all things considered. However, when I put the M5 in line (using its own independent power supply), I get an awful(!) hum from the gain pedals when they are engaged. If I disconnect the M5 power, the hum goes away (M5 still inline with the other pedals). I tried two different supplies for the M5, with no apparent difference in noise level, and the hum is there even with the M5 in idle/bypass mode - it just has to be powered up. I'm scratching my head wondering what might cause this. Any ideas?
  24. fred92

    M5 power supply 12V

    Hello, I read that the current draw for Line 6 M5 is 500mA at 9V DC. Unfortunately I have only 340 mA left in my power brick (at 9V DC). Since I have a 12V output at 500 mA, do you think I could use it to power this pedal? Which problems could this cause?
  25. johnlacroix

    M5 suddenly cuts out!

    I've been noticing that sometimes my volume is just cut to nothing all of the sudden and today while playing, I stopped for a second and I think I heard a relay switch on the M5. In the past, if it was practice or live I would just panic and hit the same patch switch I'm already on and the sound would come back - i really didn't know which device in my chain was causing it. So today, I had a second to bypass each device individually and it's the M5! I got the volume to come back by clicking one of the switches. What's going on here? How do I stop this? Is it broken?