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  1. As the title says, this M5 has the Right (mono) channel which is overly loud and has a lot of bad gain. Almost as if some distortion effect is always on. Interestingly, if I plug inputs and outputs into both channels, then it quiets down and behave as I expect. I've tried a factory reset with no change. I'm handy with electronics, but before I dig out my multimeter and solding iron, I thought I'd ask. Is there some setting that is causing this (that sticks even with a factory reset)?
  2. The device works great, aside from not seeing what is going on. I started to remove the lcds, but man it is difficult to desolder all those and the tricks to desolder header pins like that doesn't work because it's soldered in two places (both boards). I have a chip quik low temperature solder kit coming in, so hopefully that will help. But after that I don't have much hope I can fix the lcds. So I'll prob end up paying $100 or so to fix this thing. I'm sure it's worth it tho, as I love my m5.
  3. So, I think it is liquid damage. Upon opening it up, there is something on the jacks and looks to be something in the lcd screens too. But i could be deoxit or some sort of light oil. Hard to tell tho as it's just a light sheen. But probing the worst lcd bezel while plugged in and on, makes it worse. I think the ribbon cable inside the lcd unit is lifting off. Is there a cheaper place to get 4 LCD screens than the $25 a piece I've found (fullcompass)?
  4. Yeah, i'm gonna open it up soon. Thinking it could just be loose contacts (tho it looks like the lcd is connected via pins). Maybe the PO dropped it and jiggles the connections loose.
  5. Received this m13 as is from someone. Before I buy a new power supply for no reason or open up and replace lcd screens, I wanted to get an opinion on what could be possible issues here. The m13 works and all the screens power up with colors. However, starting from left to right, each screen text display gets worse until the far right screen barely has anything displayed. The first screen is at least readable, but the others are not. The progressive degradation from left to right leads me to think it could be a power issues, but IDK. (FYI, I just flashed the latest firmware update with no change.) Pics below, Thanks!!!
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