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  1. Well, I finally broke down and set it up. I am not to keen on my musical notes, so the 1/4 is the one with the line and the little circle near the bottom? Any way, I did the one that had the circle filled in with a dot beside it. That seemed to do what I needed. Got a gig tonight, so we'll see. Thanx again.
  2. Fantastic! As soon as I get time to play with it, I definitely will. Thank you!
  3. I have an M9 and M5. Use them in my A & B rigs. Delay/Echo has eluded me. I don't guess I have the patience. I play in a cover band and we are doing Her Strut by Bob Seger. I know Pete Carr played lead on the tune and supposedly used an Echoplex. I can't seem to get either EchoPlex model to do that repeat after each riff. Any ideas as to achieve that? Thanx in advance for helping this old man.
  4. I am assuming the originator of this thread got frustrated and gave up. Damn shame. An editor would make the damn things more useful.
  5. es336td


    I am assuming that is with the Digital Delay model? I read where he used an EchoPlex on that tune. I haven't got the unit(s) in front of me now, so I can't play with them. Thanx for the response.
  6. I have a Variax 600 I bought a while back. Had numerous problems with the coffin shielding thing, but for the money, not a bad little guitar. A while ago, I lost the model knob and had to get one off eBay. It got here and fit fine, but it just continues to spin and doesn't have that stop when you get to the end of the listed model locations. The new knob had the little foot to stop it, so that isn't an issue. I have yet to tear it apart to see what's up. Does anyone have some close ups of that area to see what I'm missing. I am assuming a stop somewhere under the knob, on the board or a mounting bracket is misaligned or missing. Thanx!
  7. es336td


    I play in a classic rock cover band. We do a lot of Journey. I have gotten a lot of Neal Schon's studio delay tones, but one has me stumped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqtArJ_oz5o. The fading repeats is what gets me. I've come close, but being an idiot with how to set a delay, I can't get there. Anyone done this?
  8. Well... I've figured out an alternative. 1. Make sure to switch your output from Amp to Line; huge diff in the output... duh. 2. I abandoned the headphones and plugged the left and right outs of the X3L into my keyboard amp. A little tweaking with the Tone Volume and I was in business. It's loud enough to feel it, but not too loud to annoy the neighbors. Head and shoulders above headphone. Wish I could find my Bose headphones just to see if it was ear buds... tried by Shure 425s and not much better. So, for all intents and purposes, this is solved.
  9. Never thought of that! I'll check it out! Thanx!
  10. Still having the problem. I pull the Headphone plug out a shade and get the side that was missing, but it's still weak. When I plug directly into the MP3 player (SansDisk Zip Clip) the output is nice and full. Through the X3L, it sounds buffered and tinny. Not too sure what to do here. There is no parameter in GearBox that I can find. I was able to turn the Tone Vol down to make the guitar not overpower the MP3, but that's about as good as I can get it. Still not what it should be. I have noticed the cheaper headphones I had made it worse, and using a nice pair of Phlllips ear buds I have made it slightly better. Why doesn't the X3L pass the MP3 player through transparently so it sounds as if I am plugging into the Zip Clip direct? Weird.
  11. I've used my X3 Live as a smaller pedal board for the smaller venues my band plays. For quite a while, it has worked flawlessly. Recently, I noticed that the expression pedal 2 (Line 6 pedal) no longer changed the speed of the rotary speaker effect. I checked it in GearBox and everything is correct, but nothing happens when I select the rotary speaker patch and attempt to change the speed with the pedal. I changed cables and nothing. I have another expression pedal, but have yet to swap that out to see if there is an issue. Anyone had this sort of problem? What did you do to fix it? Thanx.
  12. Just waiting until I have time to take it to repair. This one has been in repair a few years ago. The battery was replaced after 15 years and the tech told me some of the erratic issues I was experiencing at the time (not this one) was due to heat. He removed it from the cabinet and ran it for a few days, periodically playing, and it worked flawlessly. I think it may be time to install a fan... just have to have the time and money. I will try that diagnostics trick. Thanx.
  13. I set up one.... Rickenbacker body and two P-90s in series... couldn't figure out how to get the 3rd pickup without making the body a Strat... then I lose the chambers. It sounds nice, but not exactly right. Anyone else try it?
  14. Has anyone come up with a good model of Brian May's guitar? I'm covering Fat Bottom Girls in a band I'm in and a regular Strat tone doesn't cut it. I have a Variax 700. Thanx!
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