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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, First of all, I figured out what was causing my problem, but I'm stumped as to why it was happening. I have a preset with a Rhythm and Lead snapshot. They both had the horizon gate first in the chain at a sensitivity of 2. I updated the sensitivity of the gate to 0 on the lead snap only, to stop sustained notes from cutting out, but left it ON because it was stacked on the same switch as a compressor which was turned off. So if I just turned off the gate, the comp would turn on which I didn't want. (I realize now that I can likely turn the gate off individually in the signal chain.) So on the lead snap, gate was on, but with sensitivity 0, so in theory it's as good as off and wont alter the tone right? Well at my very next practice, I cranked up to about stage volume and switched to the lead channel which has delay, and when I cut off a note I got this nasty squeaking/squealing type of sound, that also had this weird filter/out of phase type of sound that got more pronounced as the delay went on. My band mate described it as a cone filter. The delay seemed to stack that squeaky noise on top of itself until it was unbearably loud, and didn't stop till I switched to clean or turned my gain down (which is only at 4 btw). I had forgotten about turning the sensitivity of the gate to 0 before that noise happened. Was racking my brain at that point, thinking the delay was causing it, preamp tube went bad, etc. I remembered later about it, turned the sensitivity to 1.5, and then the phasing/filter type sound, as well as the squeal were both gone. I don't have much technical knowledge on effects. Is it just that you can't have a noise gate on with 0 sensitivity in the HX? Not sure why that would cause issues.
  2. Hi I'm having a problem that I get a loud crackling noise after palm muting. It's even noticeable when you straight mute the strings with your left hand, after the palm mute. This occurs on all my 3 guitars and all patches which include at least a bit of gain. The threshold of the input gate doesn't seem to make much of a difference regarding the noise (Decay is at 10ms) The only way to get rid of the sound is to turn the tone knob all the way down. I have already tried using different guitar cables. Here are samples of the problem: After palm muting: When moving my right hand and floating bridge: And here is the patch where the problem is most prominent: Does anyone know what could cause this? Thx
  3. Can you access Noise Gate and Chorus on board without using App?
  4. Hi all, I've put up an idea on ideascale for line 6 to swap the compressor and noise gate positions. I think the reversed positions make more sense. If you think so too please vote here
  5. Hi I have a certain problem with the noise gate on my M5, I found the separate setup under dist group, but each preset has its own noise gate on additional setup (page 2). Now the manual says that I can access the page 2 setup by pushing the model select knob once on the preset. I did exactly that and it just switches thru effect groups. Can anyone advice?
  6. Hi. One of my bandmates is searching for a minimal-solution to get his ENGL E660 Savage SE noiseless, which produces a lot of noise in HighGain. The ENGL E660 Savage SE has a MIDI-Switch which allows to switch up to 4 chanels. The Floarboard would be connected to the effect-send/return of the amp. The budget device we are searching for should offer… MIDI-Send to switch the 4 amp chanels min. 4 footswitches for direct choice of 4 patches / chanels a descent Noisegate a descent Delay / Reverb maybe a Tuner Which L6 Device would be the way to go in your opinion? The POD XT Live, the M9 or something completely different?
  7. Hey Guys, I just wondered if anyone could tell me how the global noise gate works in DSP bypass mode. I had read that the gate only works when effects are activated but on my M9 it seems like it's working all the time when I'm in DSP bypass mode even when no effects are engaged. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I have recently seen people claiming that 1 hard gate can be a lot better than 2 or 3 noise gates combined in different spots on the signal chain. I only use Noise Gates because I don't know how to use Hard Gates and by my personal experience, I can't say I am satisfied with the Noise Gates. What's your personal experiences on this? How do you set your Hard Gate? Can we gather some tips and information about this very important subject?
  9. Hi guys , i have mk1 hd 100 head how can i enable and disable the noise gate? Thank you
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