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  1. 1. I have played around with a 69, but I haven't hooked one up to a Pod HD500x yet. Am I crazy for basically purchasing "sight unseen"? 2. I am looking at purchasing from Sweetwater (one of the scratch and dent models). Should I not do this or is it ok? Should I get a new one instead? 3. It seems as though the models they have available are made at the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012. Are these good dates or are there updated versions I should purchase? Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks for all the tips. One thing I'm struggling with is volume control. For example...I go from a 800 amp and it's loud to AC 30 and I can hardly hear it. Is there a trick I'm missing besides channel volume?
  3. I am super excited to get started with my new Pod. I have a Fender Cyber Twin SE for my amp and I would love to have a couple questions answered. I don't think I can run the 4 cable method. I have an input in the front of the amp and on the back I have an effects section that has a mono send and a left and right return. What is my best option of hooking up to my amp? For those that use a Cyber Twin, what is your amp setup? (Blackface, Tweed, etc) I am also looking into getting a JTV 69 as well. Will I be more than pleased if I sold my Cyber Twin and get a DT series amp? Thanks for all your help everyone! I'm really pumped!!
  4. First time poster guys…so thank you in advance for your input. I am looking to upgrade all of my current gear (mainly my XT Live and Cyber Twin SE). My plan is to get a HD500X and either a DT-25 or DT-50. I am also looking to possibly getting a JTV. I have 4 basic questions... 1. In the JTV-69 and JTV-69S, what would be the benefits/negatives of having the humbucker pickup at the bridge as opposed to the single coil? 2. I play many different types of music…from heavy alternative to praise and worship. I play both lead and rhythm. Is the 69 series my best option? 3. With the DT amps…I play mostly at home in my basement, but may eventually get back into playing at church. Our sanctuary holds roughly 3000 and is fairly open and a good sound system. Is the DT-25 my best option? 4. Also, I have only ever owned a combo amp. Is there any sound difference/benefit of having a stack (i.e. DT-25 w/cabinet)? Thanks everyone!!
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