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Found 8 results

  1. So many users of the line 6 spider iv amps have had issues with the tones going thin or tinny, or muffled and low volume etc. I have a line 6 spider iv 120 and had the same thing start with mine. Well mine was what I call a cascading issue that led me to find what this issue is probably in almost all of your problems too. Seems the main board or brain has a few components used in circuit boards called voltage regulators. basically is drops the voltage down to what it needs to be and then the extra basically causes heat or is the by product which is correct and normal. the regulators have little metal tabs connected as a heat radiator to get rid of heat.......well the one regulator , which is one right beside the plug from the amp supply is the one that gets a little to hot and has a built in kind of thermal safety and kicks out or doesnt run like it should and that is when the sounds get weird, cut out, reset amp, etc. mine caused one of the solder joints on its 3 connections that was weak to start to crack and then when it got warmer it really kicked in to awful mode. so the solution? it is simple and cheap like 47 cents..... they make a heat radiator or fin that attaches to it with a clip, screw, or a thermal glue that is nothing more than an aluminum piece with fingers that is about size of my thumb and now not one issue ever!!!! you can get them on ebay, amazon, etc. there are 2 voltage regulators that are side by side on board and have metal tab, 3 legs connected to board. easy to just attach them and heat issue is gone!! hope this helps someone.
  2. Hello, I do the sound at a Church that uses a V55 wireless system with a headset mic (also have a Shure lav mic that works with the unit, but hardly has volume, separate matter though). There have been recurring problems with it cutting out while the pastor is preaching. I thought it was the headset mic itself as the cable was wrecked once, so we bought a new one to replace it but the same problem is happening now. It was bad last Sunday with the associate pastor, but I didn't notice it the week before with a guest speaker. We have a separate wireless Senheiser unit that uses a handheld wireless mic that is often on at the same time, we never have issues with that one but sometimes the handheld (though muted) is on, on the stage at the same time the pastor is speaking. The receivers for the Line 6 and the Senheiser are about 5 feet from each other. I am not learned in this area at all, so I'm looking for any advice on how to deal with this, it's annoying for the speaker to have to take the unit off and grab the handheld all the time.
  3. Hi Guys, This is my first time at the forum. I am not an expert, but I used Line 6 for a year with no problem. Turned it on and it worked. We are now using two headsets, and the transmitters are next to each other. We're next to each other too. We use it for livestreaming. Two of the last three times, we had problems with the sound. People said it was cutting out. Is there some obvious thing we should be doing? We just turn them on and hope they get themselves set up. (Neither of us is technologically astute.) Tonight we had to stopped using them and go to a different microphone, and that's a problem for our show. I will call for support Monday, but I'm hoping to get an answer over the weekend if someone can help us. Thank you.
  4. my dt25 has suddenly developed a dropping out issue. after being run at a reasonable volume for an hour it went silent. I turned power off and left for a minute and repowered it... it worked again for a while and cut out again. I gig it 5 or 6 times a month and have a backup of a jet city jca22h into a 2x12" cab which is great... but the dt25 I'd amp of preference. could this be a tube/valve issue? if power tubes I have some el84m sovtek ones. can I drop them straight in???
  5. Hello, I have two XD-V55 units rack mounted side by side. I notice that the one with the lapel mic goes from 100% signal to 0% and then then back to 100% randomly. It's as if the unit is searching for a better channel or something. It is never more than 30' away and has true line of sight. The last time it did it, I was literally ten feet away from the rack and it was doing it every couple minutes the entire time I used it. It has done this since I've had it (maybe a year and a half?). I only use it about 6 times per year but it is used for wedding ceremonies, so it's very embarrassing when the officiant is talking and it keeps cutting in and out. Of course everyone looks at me thinking I'm messing something up. I've been meaning to look into this for a long time, and I'm finally getting around to doing it. The one with the mic works fine. I also tested the TBP12 transmitter with a guitar cable to eliminate a mic issue, and it does the same thing. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?
  6. I've been noticing that sometimes my volume is just cut to nothing all of the sudden and today while playing, I stopped for a second and I think I heard a relay switch on the M5. In the past, if it was practice or live I would just panic and hit the same patch switch I'm already on and the sound would come back - i really didn't know which device in my chain was causing it. So today, I had a second to bypass each device individually and it's the M5! I got the volume to come back by clicking one of the switches. What's going on here? How do I stop this? Is it broken?
  7. As above really. HD500x brandnew. Guitar old now. Not really used VDI till I bought HD500X. I have the Line 6 official vdi cable. Seems to cut out when I move a certain way. I have to jiggle the cable to get it to come back on. Got first gig with new band next week and now my sounds are reliant on HD500x but I can't even get through one song at rehearsal. So frustrating. Anyone else had this problem?
  8. Hello, and help - I've had a very annoying thing happen to me at three gigs now. I'm happily playing away, and all of a sudden, I've got no sound from my guitar. Looking down at the HD500, I see it in the process of powering back up, and after a painful 10-15 seconds of silence, I'm good to go again. It seems my pod has taken it upon itself to power down, then back up again. It is on the same power supply as one of my active PA speakers, and that has not had any problems. I was rather suspect about the pod's power supply, as the plug seemed a very loose fit in the back of the unit, so I made sure the power chord was held firmly in the cable clip, and I even gaffer taped the plug to the unit. The only thing I can think is that my guitar chord has somehow pushed against the power plug and caused a momentary interruption to the supply, but if this is the case, it is a really poor bit of design (or manufacture). I know others have experienced similar, because I replied to one of the posts some time back, but I can't find it on the forum. Does anyone have a workable solution, or a different opinion about the cause? Thanks
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