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  1. my dt25 has suddenly developed a dropping out issue. after being run at a reasonable volume for an hour it went silent. I turned power off and left for a minute and repowered it... it worked again for a while and cut out again. I gig it 5 or 6 times a month and have a backup of a jet city jca22h into a 2x12" cab which is great... but the dt25 I'd amp of preference. could this be a tube/valve issue? if power tubes I have some el84m sovtek ones. can I drop them straight in???
  2. TMaxxUK

    original settings suggestions card

    cheers dude! much clearer than any i had managed to find... ;)
  3. Hi Guys i bought a DT25 a while back and it never had the card on top with the settings. does anyone have a photo or pdf of this that they can send me please??? i have the unofficial midi editor... can't seem to find a way to save my tones. is that possible???
  4. TMaxxUK


    There seem to be many people with no grasp on what a manufacturer is obligated to do verses what they do because they can or want to. Not every company has the resources or income of the likes of Microsoft... Or the user base for that matter. Even they stop supporting products after a period of time. I feel that the flagship product (HD500 and X) in any range... purely based on the numbers shipped, should (and has) been supported well and for a longer time, even after the next product generation is released (Windows 7 still supported and 8 has been out there a while). Firmware and bugs... Support as long as commercially viable. New models, I feel that is a different matter. Extra effort by Line 6 in obtaining new models are a bonus to the owners of the device. I do feel however that paying $49 a pack when i bought a PodXT Live and extra packs and cannot use these anymore a discount should be available, or any models I have already paid out for be available discounted or for free! I have been using Line6 for 10 years and have invested close to £2000 ($3K US). FlextoneIII XL (2005 USA model) FVB Shortboard PodXT Live HD500X software purchases luggage and covers
  5. TMaxxUK

    Record Wet & Dry with 500X

    can you record wet/dry from the HD500X? am using Studio One 2. ta ;)
  6. TMaxxUK

    Metal Pack - Transfer from POD XTLIVE to HD500x

    I had all of the packs on my XT Live... i think that for the limited number of things in these new packs the price is a rip off! i for one will NOT be spending on these... having only bought my device a couple of months back! NOT IMPRESSED!
  7. TMaxxUK

    manual :(

    the old Pilots Manual with the black cover and spiral bound was far better than the multi-language, flimsy POS that came with my new HD500X not everyone wants to be stick at the PC reading a PDF... i like to have the manual at the side of me plugged into the device with headphones on, in a different room to the computer! it was nice to have a write up of all of the individual modelled amps, cabs and effects... an experience that was a big part of the whole pod thing! i regularly used the manuals before... but this new onw, i don't even want to read it!
  8. TMaxxUK

    manual :(

    Having purchased both a Flextone III XL and a PPD XT Live, I was expecting there to be a substantial manual in the same style... Disappointed isn't the word! Anyone else suffered the same feeling?