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  1. Hello, Like many others here my Helix's mic input stopped working after I *unintentionally* forgot to turn off phantom power before unplugging the mic. I'm here because I'm curious if any of you guys have had any luck getting the part replaced or fixed. Have you been able to find a workaround? Any info will be useful. Thank you guys!
  2. I just figured out. The trails are unnoticeable because the controller changes included changes in decay and level. Basically if you have only one reverb block you cannot really go from a huge sounding reverb to a smaller reverb without losing the trails
  3. Hello guys, I created a preset with the intention of using different snapshots for leads & stuff, everything sounds good however, there are no reverb or delay trails when I switch from my lead (lots of reverb and delay) back to my rhythm tone. You guys have any idea on what might be going on? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys. It's good to see this community is very active. I ended up using a combination of both the editor and the hardware interface to create patches. At first I was honestly VERY overwhelmed with learning the unit. I've been using analog pedals exclusively for about 5 years now so it was definitely scary to dive into such an advanced processor. But once I went through 1/3 of the manual I started feeling more confident. I still think this kind of endeavor is no children's game though. I don't even want to imagine how hard it must be to work with the Fractal units since I've heard they are more complicated to use. Anyways, I really wanted to take it to the gig last night but it wasn't possible. I just didn't have enough time. I was trying to basically recreate my current cover band rig (clean amp, all dirt and effects from stompboxes) in the unit but I ran out of DSP. After I got to the gig I realized I could have just ran the output of path 1 into the input of path 2, but well, I'll try that some other time. There is one thing I can't seem to find though, how can I change the name or rename a preset through the editor? I can save the presets but I haven't been able to change the names Also, what are "snapshots"? I didn't find anything related in the manual so far and I'm very curious about it Thanks again!
  5. Hello guys, new HELIX owner here! I just got my unit today and I'm really excited about it. I haven't played through it yet because I wanna make sure I go through all the necessary obligations first (I'm using MAC btw) ;) -I have already upgraded to the latest firmware using the Line 6 updater -I installed the latest MAC driver -I downloaded the latest Helix editor. What are your thoughts on it? Is it easier to just start creating patches straight through the Helix interface or should I do it through the Editor? I'm trying to see if I can get it up and running for tonight's gig Is there any other software installation I'm missing? Thanks for your time, JJ
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