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  1. Interesting suggestion, but I'm pretty sure it's happened with tones I created myself from scratch. I updated the firmware to the latest version before starting to use my unit. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. You may both be right, but most of the places I play, I don't have too much choice about where to plug in, and there's almost never a separate power socket I could use for my pod. I thought my power conditioner should help, but if I now have to spend another £100 on an AVR, I'm afraid that tells me the pod's not fit for purpose. Shame, I was getting some nice sounds.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't know if this is going to help. I did this about three months ago when I had a different problem (the one lots of others on this board have mentioned - ie not being able to power up, and being stuck on the start-up screen), and all the occurrences of powering down have happened since then. So even if the global reset does help in the short-term, I wouldn't be prepared to risk gigging the unit as I can't be certain that the problem won't recur. Incidentally, what do you think is causing the issue?
  4. Hello, and help - I've had a very annoying thing happen to me at three gigs now. I'm happily playing away, and all of a sudden, I've got no sound from my guitar. Looking down at the HD500, I see it in the process of powering back up, and after a painful 10-15 seconds of silence, I'm good to go again. It seems my pod has taken it upon itself to power down, then back up again. It is on the same power supply as one of my active PA speakers, and that has not had any problems. I was rather suspect about the pod's power supply, as the plug seemed a very loose fit in the back of the unit, so I made sure the power chord was held firmly in the cable clip, and I even gaffer taped the plug to the unit. The only thing I can think is that my guitar chord has somehow pushed against the power plug and caused a momentary interruption to the supply, but if this is the case, it is a really poor bit of design (or manufacture). I know others have experienced similar, because I replied to one of the posts some time back, but I can't find it on the forum. Does anyone have a workable solution, or a different opinion about the cause? Thanks
  5. mikecsteer

    Power Cuts Out

    Hi there - can I ask, does anyone think a new power supply would address the problem I've had three times now mid-gig of my HD500 suddenly switching itself off then back on again, resulting in a very painful 10-15 seconds of complete silence from me? I should say that I have wrapped the power chord around the cable clip and gaffer taped the plug to the POD, as it seemed to be a rather loose fit. What are your thoughts? Thanks
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