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  1. Hello, I do the sound at a Church that uses a V55 wireless system with a headset mic (also have a Shure lav mic that works with the unit, but hardly has volume, separate matter though). There have been recurring problems with it cutting out while the pastor is preaching. I thought it was the headset mic itself as the cable was wrecked once, so we bought a new one to replace it but the same problem is happening now. It was bad last Sunday with the associate pastor, but I didn't notice it the week before with a guest speaker. We have a separate wireless Senheiser unit that uses a handheld wireless mic that is often on at the same time, we never have issues with that one but sometimes the handheld (though muted) is on, on the stage at the same time the pastor is speaking. The receivers for the Line 6 and the Senheiser are about 5 feet from each other. I am not learned in this area at all, so I'm looking for any advice on how to deal with this, it's annoying for the speaker to have to take the unit off and grab the handheld all the time.
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