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  1. Charlie_Watt Thanks for the tip about the solder wick I had never even heard of that before - the kit I had only had a little vacuum pump which is tricky to use. Every day is a school day
  2. Thanks for all your help guys! We have power! Trickiest part was the glue on the ribbons. Whoever put this one together went mental with the glue gun.
  3. Thanks guys, ajktsb - the description of the part on the packet is 'Jack Barrel PCB MT 2.5 mm DC power 3 pin' part no appears as 21-00-0014 psarkissian - I am based in Glasgow, Scotland. Not sure that there is an authorised service centre near me. Re skill level - My soldering iron skills amount to me having swapped out pups on a few guitars and playing around with different wiring combinations , so while i know which end is hot , I am no expert. I reckon that if I can get to the part ok , I could unsolder it and solder in a new one. Stumblin man - you reckon you could walk me through the steps to getting to the part? Thanks again for any help.
  4. Hi, Total Newbie - First Post. I have bought a used Pod Hd500 which has a damaged power input - not making contact properly. I have in my possesion , the replacement part from Line 6 and was wondering if someone out there has replaced this before and would walk me through the steps to access the part and replace it. Not really sure where best to start and keen not to damage anything whilst taking the unit apart. Any help will be much appreciated! Looking forward to accessing some cool sounds. Cheers in advance, Des
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