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  1. Quick update - it didn't work when I followed those videos, then the next time I turned on my computer it changed a patch in the middle of a practice run - pleasant surprise. I saved the block and modified it, so now I have MIDI blocks I can drag in and drop for each of my main presets. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to get my DAW (Reaper) to do my patch switching for me. Any body figured this out? I've got a Focusrite interface and a MIDI cable from the HD. I can record the MIDI signals coming in when I change patches, but after I switch the cables, I can't get the recorded MIDI track to have any effect on the HD. any help? As a sidenote, it would be cool to be able to export the HD's patch names to be able to import them into the DAW, so it wouldn't say "Drawbar organ' when I choose Patch 5A (see attached). Thanks - Brian
  3. Thanks for the ideas, excited to try them later today. Anyone tried a pitch shifter and a delay to get a little detune and time separation?
  4. Hi all, I love that thick sounds you get from double tracking with really tight playing. BUT, I'm recording a tough rhythm section and having difficulty playing multiple takes that line up well. I know - I need to practice. In the meantime, does anyone have suggestions for how to set up a chorus effect so that my left and right channels would sound close but distinct? Any ideas for which chorus and settings? Maybe split the signal path after the amp and have a very light chorus in only one side and pan the two paths? A quick search here didn't show anything useful. Going direct out with S/PDIF to an interface, if that matters. Thanks - Brian
  5. This is my setup too, and my presets sounded thin to my ears without the full models. I haven't played with the 300's controls at all though, so good to know.
  6. Glad to hear you're playing again after so long. I have a Pro and I've never had to rename the files I've downloaded for the HD500. Just drag them in or open them from the Editor like usual. In the Editor you will need to change the Open file filter from the default Pro setting to All files or only the .hre files will be visible (for Windows).
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