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  1. I'm (still) a noob (my unit hasn't even arrived yet) so I knowingly am speaking WAY out of turn and am WAY over my head...............but that has never stopped me before. This might not be applicable to all POD HD models, but my thoughts were mainly around the Pro Rackmount (but could be applicable to other units I guess - floor models such as the HD500/HD500X could use this shelf (sitting in a rack) via another cable connection). What if L6 were to build a 1RU expansion unit to add additional DSPs? This 'expansion shelf' could integrate to the 'base unit' via an interface such as USB, ethernet, etc. Something that would add zero latency but increase the horsepower. The base unit would 'see' this expansion shelf as just another logical bank of DSPs that it can use. It would not be aware nor care that these additional DSPs would sit in a remote shelf, they would appear as a single logical virtual pool of resources. The base unit, as shipped, would be 'good enough' for most players, but for players needing additional horsepower (more effects in the chain, etc), they could add additional DSP resources through this expansion shelf. This practice is common in the IT/networking world. It is a great way of extending the life of the base unit by expanding the limited capabilities in the original unit but may fly in the face of 'boiling the ocean' to churn old units for new units every few years. I guess it depends on L6's hardware refresh cycle and model. Also, being able to open the unit to increase on board memory (using standard SD cards and/or DDR3 DIMMs etc) to handle new amp models, effects, etc as they are introduced would be awesome. I know these suggestions would require probably a brand new architecture to include a bus and interfaces not in the current models so it wouldn't be applicable to the gear we know today, but this is more for the 'next gen' type models. Just a thought...............................
  2. I am (most likely) going to pick up a pair of KRK Rokits as soon as possible. What is in between the HD500 and them is yet to be determined. I may (also) pickup either a Presonus AudioBox USB or 22VSL or possibly some type of new USB mixer. Hummmm......................
  3. OK, cool. I didn't know you could do that (but should have assumed you could). I'm still trying to figure out what to 'do' with the HD500 now. What lies 'just over the horizon'? I am not sure where to send the output of the HD500 at this point. I really don't want a Marshall or other big expense tube amp for numerous reasons but.............................
  4. Any thoughts on the Tech 21 Power Engine 60? I have seen it mentioned in several threads. Curious to hear from anyone using it. Is it considered FRFR? They have a Celestion Seventy80 Model speaker. Do you go direct from the HD500 XLR to it? It provides its own power, correct?
  5. Thank you for the advice. I love multiple tones but didn't want nor could afford or have the room for a vintage Marshall, a Mesa, a Diezel, a Bogner, a Fender Deluxe, etc. Been there, done that. Never again. NEVER. I had considered a mixer so I could include a PC/iPod/iPad, etc in order to include backing tracks, etc. I also considered a mixer in case, at some point, assuming I stay with this, I ever 'upgrade' to a HD500X (which I almost went ahead and purchased) in order to run multiple 'amps' into the same infrastructure. Do you have specific FRFR monitors that you could recommend? The Line 6 models you mention carry a $800-1000 MSRP. YIKES! I don't need/want to get divorced in the process of finding a hobby.
  6. Took a 10-15 year hiatus from playing and just getting back into it for recreational/stress relief purposes only. I just snagged my first HD500 (used - which hasn't arrived yet). I am looking for a variety of tones (AC/DC, EVH Brown Sound, Warrant, Metallica, but also some clean chorus, etc). Let me say up front that part of the appeal (to me) of the HD500 was that I did NOT have to buy a traditional expensive tube amp, much less SEVERAL, to get a wide variety of guitar tones. I could use some advice on using the HD500 at home for HOME USE ONLY. I don't see gigging again ever in my future. For tonal quality, what would be best? Line or XLR out to a mixer? Out to a powered speaker/monitor? Could I use an ART SLA-1? If so, not sure how to setup (into a guitar cab? - seems that would 'color' things) or how it would sound? I was thinking of snagging a cheap used mixer from GC or somewhere (lik the Behringer Xenyx, Mackie or Alesis) for $100-200. I don't want to be stuck in headphone mode only but I don't want to spend a fortune on 'amps' either. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. Thanks for the reply!! OK, I think I understand. Since posting this, I have been reading (and reading..........and reading, I think I am a bit obsessive compul..............SQUIRREL!!) anyways............. Just finished watching the video comparison of the HD500 to the HD500X. (*very good and informative post BTW). I realize (now) that the 500X, being the new kid on the block, has the latest processor and more DSPs. Fortunately, I'm a Cisco/IT nerb knob turner so I understand DSPs probably a little better than the average newcomer to the modeling world. Is the DSP limitation the reason? What about tones made for the HD500 (non-X)? Would they transfer over to the HDPro? On a slightly related note, does anyone know of a technical comparison between the models that shows CPU, DSP resources, etc? I would be curious to see HDPro compared to HD500 compared to HD500X in a side by side comparison.
  8. Hello all...............I am just getting back into guitar in my mid-40s after taking a VERY long sabbatical. MUCH has changed during my MANY years off. I just picked up my first electrical guitar last week (a nice Charvel!!) but have NOT purchased an amp yet. Having owned MANY JMP45s back in the day as well as Rivera Knuckleheads (killer cleans), plus cabinets, not to mention a couple of racks full of rack mounted gear (Rocktron, Soldano, VHT, etc), I know how expensive AND expansive gear can quickly become when you don't want just one tone but rather ALL tones!! My primary influences were the glam hair bands of the 80s (Def Leppard, Tesla, Cinderella, Poison, etc) as well as classic rock (Bad Company, Free, AC/DC) etc but I LOVE clean sounds and some heavy Metallica like sounds as well. Part of what appeals to me is the ability of the community to create and share. Being able to download tones created by others is very appealing when you seek various tonal qualities. My playing will probably just be confined to home for personal enjoyment/relaxation only. I don't see doing gigs in my future. Been there done that. So, I don't think I need nor can I afford a room full of Marshalls, Mesas, Bogners, Soldanos, Diesels, etc. I can't believe I might be able to get a boat load of tones from a modeler now. Modelers had (*IMHO*) very little real world use (*such as practice when you were traveling and couldn't have your amps with you) when they first came out. Now, I am excited to think I might be able to actually do this and keep it to one room of the house, not break the bank, AND be happy with having MANY GOOD (if not EXCELLENT) tones. I was lucky to find Glenn Delaune's YouTube video and his custom artist presets. The quality and range of tones in his video are what is driving me towards Line 6. However, I really like the idea of keeping my gear in a rack (otherwise, it will be everywhere because, well, frankly, I'm just a slob). Therefore, I would prefer an HD Pro, but have not ruled out the HD500/HD500X. HERE is my question (finally, you long winded dirtbag!): will custom artist presets created for the HD500 and/or HD500X work on the HD Pro rack mount modeler? I have read that all of the HD, HD500, HD Pro and HD 500X presets are all interchangable by simply renaming the file extension. .hbe (bean) .h5e (HD500) .5Xe (HD500X )or .hre (POD HD Pro) so they would probably work but I would like to confirm. Does anyone know? Is this a factual assumption? I would prefer to keep everything racked if possible. However, if they do not, then I am looking at a used HD500 or possibly HD500X. I wasn't sure if there was any technical differences in the rackmount Pro and the floor model 500/500x that would allow or prevent patches from one to work on the other. Thanks in advance!! Looking forward to getting back into this!!!!
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