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  1. Hey All, Maybe a simple answer for this.... When I press the edit footswitch I get PRESET Up and PRESET Down. I want to have BANK Up and BANK Down so that I can enter the Snapshot mode. How can I change this? Cheers, Mike
  2. I was hoping there was some way to 'trick' it into thinking that a switch was a pedal. How? Well, the Hx detects a minimum value from the pedal and a maximum value. One of these is used to turn the pedal off or on. Why couldn't a switch be used the same way. When the switch is engaged, the HX sees a minimum value and when the switch is off it sees a maximum.
  3. Datacommando - thanks for all of your replies. Maybe I just haven't phrased my question properly. This really has nothing to do with the Mission Pedal. So... can I turn the HX Effects Wah block on / off using an external switch plugged into 'Pedal 2'
  4. Hi, Mine has one expression output and one switch output (latching). I was hoping to use the switch output to turn the wah on and off. Is there a way to do this?
  5. Thanks for your reply. The pedal is a Mission Aero EP-25-PRO. I guess the point of my question is... can the switch from the pedal be used to turn the effect on and off?
  6. Hey All, I have a Mission Engineering pedal with a switch. I would like to use it like a traditional Wah pedal with my HX Effects. So, toe down engages the switch and turns the Wah on / off. I have the the control jack of the pedal into EXP 1 with it set for Position. I have the switch jack of the pedal into EXP 2 with it set for Bypass. This does not seem to work. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Cheers, Mike
  7. To All, Just tied a bit of wire around it. Works fine.... cheap fix. Cheers, Mike
  8. Hey All, Is there are way to disable the looper switch? I never use this feature of the HD500. Last niight at practice I stepped on it accidentaly and started recording myself. I took a while for me to figure out what was going on and how to stop it! Is there any way to disable the switch either mechanically or through the software? Cheers, Mike
  9. To All, 2.0 installed without a hitch, Workbench looks great. I have given a brief try to all the models. To my ear a substantial improvement! Tele, Strat and the Pauls's especially. Great job Line 6! Cheers, Mike
  10. To All, Yes - this is for modeled versions. I was hoping maybe on one of the boards there were six tiny adjustments! Cheers, Mike
  11. Hey All, Is there any way to adjust the volume of the individule strings. The low 'E' on my JTV59 seems to have less volume then the others. If I turn up the bass on my amp it affects all the strings which I don't want. I thought there might be an internal adjustment. Cheers, Mike
  12. To All, Yep - a capo is the way to go. I learned this from trying to change the strings on my epiphone Broadway! Cheers, Mike
  13. Hey, I would start with the Fender clean models like the Blackface Dbl or Blackface 'vib. I use the 2x12 Phd ported cabinet. In the effects area I would add some EQ. I find some of the acoustic models either bass heavy or treble heavy. Add some reverb too taste! Cheers, Mike
  14. To All, It would be great if the Variax Workbench had a way to turn off the tone cut with decrease in volume. Cheers, Mike
  15. Hey All, I have a JTV59. I have noticed there is a considerable loss of high end as I turn down my volume control. I know this was intentionally built into the models but it is more then I see from the 'real' pickups in the bypass mode. Is there any way to program this out? Also in the Variax editior I notice that the pot taper are 'linear' Why is this? every guitar I have ever seen has audio taper pots at least on the volume control. Best Regards, Mike
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