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  1. mferrand's post in Changing Strings On Jtv-59 was marked as the answer   
    To All,
    Yep - a capo is the way to go.  I learned this from trying to change the strings on my epiphone Broadway!
    Cheers, Mike
  2. mferrand's post in Problem Upgrading To Ver 1.9 was marked as the answer   
    With appearently no other option except sending the guitar to Line 6 for repair or returning it to Guiar Center, I had one more thought. 
    I plugged the guitar into my HD500 via the VDI cable and the HD500 into the computer via USB.  I ran L6 Monkey and both (HD-500 and JTV59) showed up!.  I ran the installer for ver 1.9 and .... what do you know, it worked.
    Thanks for everyone comments and help.
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