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  1. Right now, if you've been sitting on the fence: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid
  2. Thanks for the tip! I used to physically tune the strings down a whole step and the noticed D string gave a ring-modulator double-note sound. At the time, L6 support told me that the software was calibrated to standard tuning. -I had no problem though tuning down a half step.
  3. I got the B9 a few weeks ago. Great pedal. I use it with EXH's SuperEgo pedal.
  4. I use 11's with a wound 3rd because I use mainly acoustic settings. Sounds great!
  5. Ok, thanks! When I'm tweaking patches in WB, will I hear the resulting sound tweaks in my headphones plugged into the computer or does it need to be routed to another source?
  6. I mainly only use acoustics, Rick 12 and sitar with my solo Beatles tribute. Were the acoustics affected in 2.0 so that turning up the Global String Levels to 100% in WB remedied most noted issues? I have never opened Work Bench, and I'm almost afraid to unless there is a major improvement. For my own remedy, I did some major EQ tweaking of the acoustics with a Zoom multi-effects pedal primarily to reduce the percussive attack and add echo. The only other thing I noticed was with the Rick 12 with both pups on the octave strings and unison strings were not too pronounced. Not sure if I should live well enough alone.
  7. Bravo, glad you got one! I've got one and it works flawlessly! For me, much better than worrying about (the 2) batteries I currently have.
  8. I do a solo Beatles tribute, so I use mainly the acoustics 6 & 12 strings, occasionally the middle pickup rockabilly Gretsch and the Rick 12. I also use the sitar for parts of Norwegian Wood. The alternate tuning feature also comes in handy instead of a capo.
  9. I had the same problem even putting it into the guitar, lol.
  10. I love Yamaha! I think "quality" with their name! Personally, I don't seem to have half the problems commonly reported, but have confidence Yamaha will step up to the plate.
  11. I use 11's with a wound 3rd and it's fine. As noted, you may need to tweak the truss rod. Make sure you only use standard tuning when tuning up the strings.
  12. I noticed the same. I did some EQ tweaking and it helped. I seem to recall someone here mentioning using electrical tape on the saddle to minimize sensitivity.
  13. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead with Yamaha at the helm.
  14. I doubt there is another 24 fret neck that will retrofit it, expecially matching the attaching screw holes on the back. You would probably be better off bringing it to a competent luthier and have them "shave" some wood off the back of the 89 neck.
  15. I bought an extra battery so I can swap them out when one is charging. This became burdensome for daily rehearsing, so I bought the Cabled Power Kit directly from Line 6. I use the batteries on gigs.
  16. An additional small "blend" knob that would blend in a magnetic pickup choice with any model chosen thus a no-latency attack and more complex tone. Of course, it would need to be turned all the way down when most alternate tunings are used.
  17. Just a follow up. Here's my review of the above mentioned case: It is worth the money and much better than any soft case. The JTV-89 fits comfortably but may slide a little from the headstock back. Wipe cloth placement at the rear solves this. When opened, the top you can easily bend, not stiff. The bottom part of the case is sturdy. It is plush, padded well and looks great. It has a lock. The compartment size is very good, can hold extras like tuner, battery.... If you travel with it on a plane, get a better case. I would recommend it as long as there is no rough handling.
  18. I wonder how the mags would sound blended with a model that had alt tuning as a 12 string counterpart, i.e., octaves for E A D G and detuned B and E strings. That may be worth playing around with.
  19. That is cool! So if you blend in a little, I assume you wont perceive much, if any, latency.
  20. This case is a good deal at $41.99 and according to my measurements it should fit the 69 or 89. I can fit the 89 into my "contour-molded" strat case, so I think this rectangular case should fit. Taking out my tape measure seems to accept the specification dimensions for my 89. I just ordered the black one. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/musicians-gear-deluxe-electric-guitar-case/540948000001000
  21. It would be nice though if they could get it to sound at least as good as the 12 string acoustic.
  22. I did a neck adjustment that was needed, raised the action, adjusted the eq, and now use 11's with a wound 3rd. It helped a lot.
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