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  1. Hey guys, bought a dimarzio area neck pup , going to install but I cannot find any documentation as to if the white or black wire from the stock pup is the ground? just need to know what is hot and what is ground, thanks! Thanks
  2. What is the small rubber piece I see under the front of the bridge in some videos? What is it for?
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to know if you guys are having any high pitch ringing when plugged direct into interface/guitar rig? I put a silencer ring above the nut, not sure what else to do. When i strum a chord it seems a high pitch ringing to it. No problem with my other strats. Also the finger slide noises are a lot worse than other guitars, maybe I need to try coated strings?
  4. Hey guys, does the jtv69 have no load tone pots? if not can they be installed? Also how hard it is to swap out the pups? I can install pickups on standard guitars but, not sure what is lurking inside this one...
  5. Hey guys what is the final update with workbench you can use on a pre jtv model guitar?
  6. Hey guys can you give me a few examples of how using my variax with a pod hd500 for STUDIO work would benefit me? Can you track 2 different emulations at once or something cool like that?
  7. Sorry guys, I have workbench hd ( the one I was using before I rolled back) and it worked fine. Now I am trying to open workbench (not hd) to use with the 1.9 I installed in my jtv. Is that not correct?
  8. So I rolled back my jtv59 to 1.9 and everytime I try to open workbench it gives me a set up meno, then makes me open monkey. I have the jtv connected through usb and all lights are green and connected, but Im kinda lost with this, I have only used hd so far. Any advice? Thanks
  9. Hey guys, I know a few of you have done this. I need all the info if possible, since I want to take this to my guy to do. I would like to give him all the help I can, like what bigsby model and any alterations, things to look out for since these have electronics inside. Thanks!!
  10. Just wondering if this is possible since there is no drilling involved?
  11. I just want to hear the v1.9 models since I never have. How can I do this?
  12. Hey guys I may pick up a 69 , and eventually sell my 59. The issue is I have never played a 69 and need to know if the neck is any less deep than the 59? My favorite neck is the one on my prs santana se, it is fat/wide as prs calls it, Is there a shorter scale lenght bolt on that that anyone has tried on the 69? Thanks!
  13. Thanks, Yes its just with the bridge pick up. It is not under warranty anymore. I dont have a pod to check it with the vdi. I may have to take it to a local shop since I have never opened a guitar up before.
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