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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I was trying too use the 2.22 Flash Memory update, but after 4 minutes downloading to the guitar, it stopped with a message of "bad downloading " and now i cant use it anymore, no factory reset works, and the usb cant contact the guitar?? Thanks for some Help! Best Regards Thomas
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for a set of JTV 89 pups. I thought since at least a few of you have swapped them out, maybe you've got a set laying in a shoe box collecting dust, that you'd like to be rid of. If you do, please gimme a yell. Thanks so much!
  3. Hello everyone, I've been wondering for a good while now as to the possibility of fitting a sustainer (Such as the fernandes sustainer) into a JTV 89. Has anyone had any experience with this? The variax wizardy already takes up a large section of the body and i'm assuming cutting more of it away will detract from the sound - how much i don't know, i'm pretty sure I personally wouldn't hear the difference. It'd be good to hear of any experience on the subect, it's a mod i'd love to have especially on a guitar as versatile as the variax! Cheers Guys!
  4. Hi all, My JTV 89 has started acting screwy with alt tunings. Didn't find anything that matched in my forum search, so I thought I'd go ahead and post. Plugged into my jtv 89 tonight, switched to an alt tuning and the tuning was off, as in not correct. For example, switching to drop C gave me a tuning of DGCFAD. I noticed most, but not all of my alt tunings were incorrect. I kept screwing with it and noticed that sometimes switching from one alt tuning to another didn't affect any change in tuning at all. At other times, switching to a different tuning would yield an oscillation, as though the computer couldn't decide which tuning it should be in. I've had this guitar for well over a year now and have never seen this kind of behavior. What do you guys (and gals) suggest? Thanks.
  5. Hello, Can anyone suggest me a suitable neck replacement for my JTV 89? I would prefer a slim and quick neck but as a hobby player without much technical knowledge, I don`t know where to start searching and if what I find would be applyable. Well, I had once a slim-D necked BC Rich Warlock in my hands, that was the neck that felt good xD. Is there anything close to that shape that could fit the JTV 89? Thank you for reading
  6. Video of a cover song (I Despise by Chimaira) using JTV-89 in Baritone drop A (customized model of neutral body and wide range humbucker in bridge) thru IK MUltimedia Amplitube ENGL model (overdrive in preamp, compression and EQ post amp). JTV is in the Left channel, drum and bass backing track are in the right, actual mp3 from Chimaira is panned center. I use some dampening in the headstock and medium strings ... This is intended to sound like a "mix" .. this is what the JTV can sound like in a band setting. Actually the JTV blew away my 7 string whose lowest string got all flubby when I attempted drop A tuning and had all sorts of intonation issues. Nothing like being able to downtune to the depths of Hades and come back up for air! JTV hands down winner in this case ... 2 minutes after this video I could switch to acoustic and sitar to finish up another tune.
  7. HI, I'm considering purchasing a JTV 89. My hangup is that I don't know if I can do open tunings on this guitar, which is a deal breaker/deal maker for me. I know there are other models which will do this by default, but I don't like the look or the strat and LP style necks associated with these models. I also know that the 89 won't do open tunings as an out of the box feature like other L6 models. So to elaborate, I would like to know if I can program the guitar for the open tunings I want. I play a lot of drop tuning, shredder type stuff as well as open tuning, fingerstyle acoustic stuff. So the guitar must be able to do both with equal facility. Searched this on the forums, but no luck finding an answer. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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