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  1. I have the 69. Maybe there is something wrong. I get the noise whether I'm using the mags or modeling when trying to use the battery. I tried it today with the old variax's trs stereo power box and it worked great with no noise from the mags or the modeling. Weird. I'll try and give support a call on Monday. Thanks
  2. I recently purchased a James Tyler Variax and have always used it with a variax cable connected to my pod hd500. I just tried for the first time using the battery power to connect it using the 1/4 inch mono cable output to a preamp and am getting a large dose of noise. It is a buzzing sound rather than white noise. I do not have the hi z on. I never get this noise using the variax cable to the hd500. I tried putting directly into my audio interface into my computer rather than the preamp and am having the same issue. The problem is there whether I use the pickups or the modeling. Is there a known problem with using the battery and creating noise? I can hear the guitar, but the noise makes it unusable for recording. I was trying to add some warmth from my tube preamp. The battery is fully charged. Thanks
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