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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get my HD500X to connect to recording software on my laptop via the USB. However, when I do this the sound quality at the laptop is awful and only appears to be a direct signal from my guitar ie; the effects and amp models I have set up do not seem to be coming through. Do I need to assign the USB output on the pod somehow? The manual does not really tell me much. Many Thanks Rob
  2. thanks for this, will update to version 2.0 tomorrow. Cheers Rob
  3. Hello again, went ahead and changed the strings for a set of 11s. This has reduced the rattling problem but not cured it. I notice it happens on the "acoustic" 12 strings more than the "electric" ones. I am well versed in doing setups etc having made a few guitars and basses from scratch, and not from parts but from the bare wood. This appears to be more of a software issue as there is no rattling on the 6 string models. I am running software version 1.9 and am nervous about updating to version 2.0 HD as many users have reported problems with string balance and position 2 and 4 on the "strat" sounds (which I love by the way). Any comments from Line 6 themselves? Thanks for the replies Rob
  4. Hi, I got my JTV69 at the beginning of this week, and downloaded Variax HD workbench today. The problem is I am slightly scared to update as I don't want to mess anything up. I don't know what version is installed in the guitar at present. If the download goes wrong in any way, can you just go back to the previous settings or is it not that easy? Thanks from a 50 year old technophobe trying desperately to drag himself into the world of digital anything Rob
  5. Hi, just got my JTV69 yesterday and I've noticed that the alternative tuning wheel vibrates with certain notes, which I dont hear amplified (thankfully) but am a little annoyed. Maybe a similar thing with yours but perhaps the piezos in the bridge are picking up the vibration? Worth a try? Rob
  6. Hi guys just got my JTV69 yesterday. Loving it mostly, but it has this annoying "rattle" sound on the 12 string settings, as if I've got the action set too low. I've tried pulling the action up a bit and it has helped slightly but I was wondering if a set of 11s or even 12s would cure this little problem. Anyone tried this? I have checked the neck relief etc and this is fine. The problem still occurs on open strings!! Thanks Rob
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