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  1. McLenison's post in Factory Reset Problem - Alternate Tunings On Jtv-89 was marked as the answer   
    I did a ticket and received this response:
    To reset the guitar, you must now re-install the flash memory on the JTV guitars using Line 6 Monkey:http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-2680
  2. McLenison's post in Problem Saving To Custom 1 Setting was marked as the answer   
    Thanks everyone.  I was on the phone with Line 6 support today.  They were VERY helpful.  Evidently when copying an existing model to Custom 2 (without Workbench), the procedure needs to be done quickly or it may "time out" thus wont save.  Line 6 support also experienced this anomaly on their end while on the phone.  After quickly doing the procedure, as they recommended, I was able to successfully save to Custom 2.
  3. McLenison's post in Not Able To "connect" In Workbench was marked as the answer   
    Thanks!  Everything was hooked up correctly, but I'm not sure what side the red light was on.  I'll try again this weekend.
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