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  1. Well, I play a lot with heavy bendings and prefer locking tuners. I replaced the original tuners with Schaller M6 Clamped 3R/3L Chrome2. Fits and stay in tune. For warranty repairing by Line6 I had to replace back to the original tuners and it was easy. However, I am not allowed to use the picture links in this board, so here is the link to a post in the German line6forum.com with two pictures of my JTV-59 TSB and the Schaller M6 Clamped 3R/3L Chrome2: http://line6forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=11783
  2. @Denis The Marshall JMD:1 also have a great sound at the bedroom volume level like my POD X3 Live and a transistor amp. But the advantage of the Marshall JMD:1 is the tube sound. I think this comes from the valve power amplifier of the JMD:1. Bedroom volume level was not avaible for me with my Hughes & Kettner Switchblade that I sold. That combo has a tube preamp and valve power amplifier.
  3. Please report also about the new one you will test directly at the shop. It would be helpful.
  4. I think your right and I´m sad about that. :( A JTV with a low profile trem would be great for me and most Ibanez players. I will not wait for it and look for a guitar with a low profile trem without modeling.
  5. I appreciate the new model JTV-89F with a Floyd Rose and played it in two music stores. Unfortunately the Floyd Rose of the JTV-89F is not a low profile one like most Ibanez Trems (ZR2 etc), the Floyd Rose Pro or the Schaller Low Profile. My experience is that I only can play comfortable with low profile trems. Back-slanted finetuners are essential for me to play palm muting with no disturbing finetuners. So I ask and demand for a JTV with a low profile trem. Is there a chance that Line6 will produce one? If yes, that could be my second JTV after the JTV-59 TSB.
  6. I play my JTV-59 TSB at home, rehearsal room and live with my Marshall JMD:1 50 head and a 2x12 box. This is a hybrid amp with 16 Marshall modeling preamps and a valve power amplifier. It sounds like a tube amp and it feels like a tube amp. The sound at lower volume for bed room is great and also loud for gigs.
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