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  1. Hey all, Is there any way I can add a bass line by adding a harmony an octave lower, that applies only to the low E string? I have a JTV if that helps. Thanks!
  2. I would need to ask her for help before anything even happens, this would ruin the surprise effect.
  3. Yeah I'll try to capture this but it will be in a very small cafe, and it seems it will be very crowded, so I'm not sure what the result will be like. But if it turns out Ok I'll post it here, sure :)
  4. Thurston9: I play videogames and cartoons music covers. I have an upcoming show where I'm going to play a theme from Life is Strange, a game in which the main character can "rewind" time. Two cosplayers dressed as her and her best friend are going to perform while I play. At one point I will miss a chord transition and fail miserably, look at the audience in shame and ask the her for help. She will rewind time, which is where the I will launch the reverse playback of the looper (with effects like echo etc for the weird time manipulation feel) and mimic the movements I just did in reverse, while the Pod replays my voice and guitar in reverse too. Then I pick the song back where I was before screwing up, as if nothing ever happened.
  5. Can the Helix control itself with MIDI? If this works, I believe I could create a snapshot with the different effects I want and also the "stop recording" signal.
  6. Ok so I guess the exact thing I'm trying to achieve is impossible. Last night I managed to get close to it with a volume pedal, this will be my fallback solution if I can't find anything better. Thanks again for trying to help.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I don't know anything about snapshots yet, I'll look into it. But can I change snapshots at the same moment I stop recording, or will I need to press 2 different buttons?
  8. Here's mine: I'd love to be able to record a loop, and it doesn't auto play when I stop the recording. Looper: stop recording, no playback: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Looper-stop-recording-no-playback/839495-23508 This one is not mine but it is very important to me so please vote: Voicelive type processing: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Voicelive-type-vocal-processing/772456-23508
  9. I tried it and it's not producing the effect I was hoping for, I must have done it wrong or explained poorly what I'm trying to achieve. I would like to go into looper mode, record something with no effects, and as soon as I stop recording, which launches the playback, there should be additional effects. When I tried what you wrote the effects are heard when I record too, which is what I want to avoid.
  10. Ok I received my Helix today, vocal harminies do indeed sound like chipmunks. Guess I'm stuck with the Voicelive too. Thanks for the answers!
  11. Ok, turns out, the volume was too low. I turned the output volume up all the way, and now I'm playing with volume and gain on the preamp. Does anyone have any recommendations for all these settings? For instance, am I supposed to turn the output level up that much?
  12. So I've plugged my SM58 to the XLR port of the Helix, selected Mic as an input, placed the Studio Tube Pre and set the output to multi, the microphone produces no sound. Is there something more I need to do? As additional information the Helix outputs are not connected, there is only a set of headphones connected, and I can hear the guitar which is on a separate path in the same preset.
  13. That's clever! I forgot the looper can be placed anywhere on the Helix. Thanks a lot, this was helpful!
  14. Hi all! So I finally ordered a Helix. As I have a show planned very soon, I figured I wouldn't wait until I get it, and ask you right now instead. On a song I would like to record something on the looper, and play it back with additionnal effects. Is there a way to affect one or several effects to the "Play" switch as well as its primary function? Thanks!
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