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  1. After hearing the mp3, that is exactly what I have heard on my JTV 89F too. Only when you have a heavy metal tone. I'm trying to remember if I just lowered the 6th string in the hd workbench, or adjusted the pickup impedance setting. As I understand it, a lower impedance setting has less dynamic range no? I'll have to check again, as I have not used the jtv on my hd100 mkii that I use for band recently. I don't notice it through the hd500x, on a dual tread plate Metallica type tone, but that's just going through headphones while I'm setting up, (just got it) so who knows. Ehh, I'm starting to get the feeling, nothing gets done to fix some of these things, of course some can't be fixed anyways. In a way, I think it's a waste of time putting "firmware updatable" features in these things. Usually you get 1 or two, then it's game over for updates. You just hope the last one improves it.
  2. Update: ok sorry for the delay, just recouping from knee surgery, but this ended up being a false alarm! I finally got smart and plugged the JTV-89F into something other than my Eleven Rack. The Eleven Rack was the culprit!!!! I plugged into my HD100 MKII and my old Guitar Port and no cut outs! SO....Thanks for the responses and yes, go ahead and rip me now. I'm just glad the guitar is functioning just fine, no complaints now! I hope the Reliability has improved from past models and reading about the fun of parts failing. They should make the guts of this guitar a modular design so you can pull it out and replace it, or upgrade it! Get a spare brain and if the original fails, pull it out, ship it in for repair and use the spare. ok, well, that just about does it for this thread eh?
  3. Definitely not just certain models. Spanks, Lesters, it is doing it on as many models as I have tried. I have a Plexiglass Preset on my EleveRack that that I modified to basically a Judas Priest/ Iron Maiden sound. It does not matter what guitar (or model) I run through it, it has heavy sustain and gain. When I do 1/4 note driving rhythm chords steady, you wouldn't notice anything wrong. However, if I hit a chord once and wanted let it go for 2 measures, then nope, not gonna happen. After 4 beats at say 80 BPM, it will go 1 measure, then poof! nothing, it dies out immediately as if someone just pulled the plug. from 100 volume to 0. My Battery is down to 1 Bar, maybe I'll try charging it and see if it still does it. Also, I'll have to look and see if I can put an older version of firmware on it. This one came with 2.0 already loaded on it. Maybe something going on with a grounding wire possibly too? But wow, it's almost like Candid camera, like someone's around the corner somehow, turning on the noise gate and clamping it right out after 4 seconds! ok, I Lied! Its avg 10 beats, not 4. hit a chord once and count 8-10 beats, then its cut off dead, quickly, not a natural decay.
  4. Interesting, i noticed it on just about any model i tried, But the Lester models is was what i played with most so far. I am starting to wonder if it is a grounding or wiring issue too, but then why would it always sound out the chords in real time, for chunking rhythms its great, but hit a chord and let it ring out, and after 3-4 seconds it abruptly stops as if you just palmed it or hit mute? Weird. If it's possible, I suppose I could try an older firmware. Thanks!
  5. Just wondering if anyone else with a JTV-89F (latest firmware 2.0) has noticed when using any of the models that the sustain gets choked off after a few seconds? Everything is awesome otherwise. I turn off the modeling and just use the pickups and its fine. Is there some kind of noise gate behavior going on to control the noise? If there is, it's killing the whole metal power chordsthat you want to let sustain for more than a few seconds or so. I hit a power chord and after about 3 or 4 seconds, it cuts out quickly, like a rude noise gate. If they did something like that, I can understand for the noise control , but is there a way to turn it off, or adjust it? Just like any rig, it depends on the tune, sometimes i turn off noise gates for sustain and live with some noise for a solo or power chords. I have no noise gates in the signal chain at all on my Eleven rack, and if I did, it would cut out the pickups only too. (no noise gates on the Eleven rack) Like I said, awesome otherwise, plays great, sounds are pretty close to great unless you are in a nit picking mood and Alt Tunings are simply the Bomb! The modeling pickups are fine, but hit a power chord and it stops after about 4 seconds, that might just kill it for me, I got this for Alt tunings more than anything, and you can't "just use the pickups" for Alt tunings can you? I just got it Friday so maybe I have missed something? :-o
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