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  1. Thanks. I also found out that guys at Moses Graphite produce necks for Variax JTV-69 guitars made of carbon fiber! So I'm probably going for a JTV-69S and change its dreadful neck with a carbon fiber Strat style neck. The question is if JTV-69 necks are completely interchangeable with JTV-69S as they don't mention it in their homepage. My guess is that 69 and 69S are identical except for the location of the pickups, so the necks should be the same.
  2. Hi, I bought a B-stock JTV-89F in summer. The first thing I reacted to was the very odd feel about the neck. It simply didn't feel right. I was too "round", kind of semicircular in transverse section. The next thing was the electronics, where the variax mode simply stopped functioning after the first use! But that's a separate topic... Now, my question is if any of you have had any experience with Variax Standard you can share with me. The specs say it has a flattened C-shape. I haven't found any info about the shape of 89F, so I don't know if they share more-or-less the same geometry. Also please let me know if you also experienced problems with the electronics and digital features. Cheers, J
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