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  1. Thanks Simon. Fed up waiting for Line6 to send one here to the U.K. so ordered and ready for delivery. You should be on commission lol. Stew
  2. Looking at the Line6 video "Gigging with the Firehawk 1500", it looks very simple and easy to plug in an XLR lead from a mic and then to the pa/mixer. However, when I tried it alI I got was an annoying hissing noise. I changed the lead for a newer XLR mic lead and got the same again. Am I using the correct lead? Should I use and amp XLR lead or am I missing something. Also, there are 2 XLR outputs, do I need to connect both or is that simply an option. Apologies if this sounds like a newby question, but I am... a newby! :)
  3. Thanks, that worked! Note to anyone else trying the same... This didn't work using a 1/4 jack, I had to buy a 1/4 to XLR adapt or first, but that's no biggy considering I can now use the same amp for my VAriax, 12 String and midi keyboard and still send it all to the mixer in stereo!
  4. The lag is too long for me to add my midi keyboard to the FH1500 by Bluetooth so I simply want to add it with a hardware solution. Simple idea: connect the earphone out from the iPad to one of the connectors on the back.....which one? I used to connect the keyboard to the iPad then to a mixer and then the mixer to a small amp via the guitar in socket, but on the FH1500 I'm already using that so which connection on the back do I use to play my midi keyboard through the FH?
  5. Thank you for your help, I've been trying various ways of connecting different instruments and so far most f them are sounding great.
  6. Hi all, I've just upgraded from Amplifi 150 to FH1500 so I'm not too sure about the input/outputs yet. One reason I upgraded was that I could play both electric and acoustic through the amp. I'm not the sound man in the band and the one that is isn't too happy about line6 but I am. Question; can I plug both electric and acoustic in at the same time? I have an Acoustic with XLR out and a Variax Standard connected with a Line6 G10 so which inputs would I use. That might sound a bit basic, but it would really help if anyone could help. Line 6, user manuals would really help. Stew
  7. Thanks to both of you, that's great advice. I guess I was thinking about this the wrong way. In fact, your replies make so much sense that I'll be using my Amplifi differently in future. Cheers guys!
  8. I don't know what I expected, but I'm a little underwhelmed with the Variax Standard playing through the Amplifi 150. The VAriax Standard is modelling the sounds, but so is the Amplifi. I guess my question is: is there any need to use both together and What amp would you suggest using the VAriax with?
  9. ...and I was told by the store (PMT Leeds) to update the firmware, but there isn't an update!!
  10. I'm having the same problem. Charging for hours now and still flashing red. When I plug it into the guitar to check if it is working, the halo goes white and there is nthing on the transmitter. I'm leaving it to charge overnight and if it isn't working in the morning it's going back!
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