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  1. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    Thanks. I do remember seeing that when I was reading. I hardly even knew what is was at the time ;-)
  2. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    @hurghanico I had not used the setlist page before. The method you describe is much simpler. I see I can directly select a patch from the setlist page instead of using the setlist control drop-down on the left. Easier this way. Any other uses for this page I should be aware of? BTW, I've read all the documentation (RTFM) but it's hard to remember it all when you're not familiar with the product to begin with.
  3. Nicky-T

    Variax and HD500X saving presets possible?

    I'm a longtime Variax user, and new to the POD HD500X. I want to set the Variax Model (Jazz-5) to remain in effect, but have the Tone and Volume controls work normally. The Variax section in the Mixer has 5 options: None, Volume Lock, Tone Lock, Vol+Tone Lock, and Vol+Tone+Togl Lock. So there is no setting for Togl Lock separately from Volume and Tone! I did find a workaround. I set the amp's Ch Vol controlled by Variax Vol and the amps's Treble to the Variax Tone. This setting will lock the Model Selector and leave the other two controls to their assignments. Kind of a pain, and not what I wanted. Can't find any other way to do it in the manual. Seems like such a simple thing.
  4. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    @hurghanico Thanks for the link, it looks useful. I'll check it out.
  5. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    @hurghanico Thanks for the info. I nearly always use the software. Doing it on the hardware is difficult for me, too linear. I like to see everything laid out. I do it that way on both my other multi-effect units. That's why I got rid of my M13. Too complicated, no software.
  6. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    Thanks, that's much easier. @pianoguyySo I have to look at Flash Memory, not USB Firmware.
  7. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    I don't see that. My Variax is connected, too, but this shows 500X.
  8. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    Monkey shows nothing newer, I have 1.04. It still worked for me.
  9. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    I looked around the forum and came up with a solution: Save the setlist to disk, give it a new name, load it from the saved file - voilá! - new name is the file name. Thanks to @silverhead.
  10. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    So how DO you create a new setlist? Is it possible? And is it possible to rename a setlist? I am a newbie. I have already go t patches in both user setlists. I would like to create different setlists for different purposes and name them accordingly.
  11. Looking back, even I can't understand what I am asking! At the time, I had some models saved into the Custom banks with alternate tunings. I must have wanted to apply one of these directly into the alt tunings knob. Still don't know how I would do this, but I recreated them as global options. Obviously, I can see the tunings in the alt-tunings knob in Manage. I have made it a practice to save an entire bundle whenever I add or move a tuning. Still wish I could save tunings in a separate file. Another issue I've come across is a bundle applied will show the names you may have altered for individual models, and banks that are applied by importing from the menu also do this. But (as I recall, anyway), a drag-and-drop on a bundle reverts to the default names (T-Model, etc.), but the models are intact. As a consequence, I now import banks from the menu options.
  12. Manage allows you to rename them and place/remove them to an alt-tune bank. Save lets you save a new tuning with a name (to be used in Manage), but does not save it to a file. Having had much more experience at this point, the only way I've been able to successfully save them is with an entire bundle (.bun) file.
  13. @GiRa Thanks for your insight. This was driving me nuts. Couldn't find it in the help file.
  14. Anyone know how to save alternate tunings from the models knob to the tuning knob from Workbench HD? I can only find instructions on how to do it directly on the guitar. I have several tunings applied to models that I want to transfer to work globally. I've named and saved them in the Manage dialog box, but can't find any way to save them to the tuning knob. I could save them manually, but I'd like to know for future models. (I hope I've made this understandable) Another thing: Is there a way to view what's programmed into the alt tuning knob?
  15. Nicky-T

    Ukulele sound

    Brian May uses ukulele on some of his songs!