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  1. I'm going to do just that. Thanks again.
  2. @rd2rk - Just wanted you to know I copied and pasted your instructions onto page 13 of the User Manual PDF. Good on you.
  3. Thank you. That is helpful. I wish L6 had documented the details of the operations better in the User's Manual. I know other people are confused about this as well (I've been asking for help elsewhere). My wish would be to use the two empty switch assignments to access well-defined functions and put multifunction buttons in clearly defined spots (like separating Clear All and Undo). Rec/Stop - these are two separate controls on every analog piece of equipment I have used since my 1970s cassette tape recorder, why combine them when there are unassigned switches? ODUB OUT/IN makes sense, it's a binary switch. Is it useful to anyone to have a Reverse function? There's a switch you can reassign to a useful function. I suppose someone must use the ½/Full Speed switch, but I can't imagine why when it offsets the loop by an octave (and there is free software that makes it easy to play back at any speed, without or with pitch changes in intervals as small as a cent). Is there a quality difference between the two modes? I can't find it documented. Why not just default to ½ speed and get the longer loop duration? There's no logical reason why one would prefer the shorter. There's another switch that could be reassigned if needed. The Helix is probably the easiest interface - hardware and software - that I have seen. I was to surprised to find this as unintuitive as it seems.
  4. Oh, boy. Is that right... Is there a way to even clear it w/o changing presets or rebooting?
  5. Does anybody ever USE factory presets? That would be a surprise. Being able to change the defaults would be helpful.
  6. Is this really possible? If so, can you give more detail on the process?
  7. Wow, this would make life so much easier...
  8. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    Thanks. I do remember seeing that when I was reading. I hardly even knew what is was at the time ;-)
  9. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    @hurghanico I had not used the setlist page before. The method you describe is much simpler. I see I can directly select a patch from the setlist page instead of using the setlist control drop-down on the left. Easier this way. Any other uses for this page I should be aware of? BTW, I've read all the documentation (RTFM) but it's hard to remember it all when you're not familiar with the product to begin with.
  10. I'm a longtime Variax user, and new to the POD HD500X. I want to set the Variax Model (Jazz-5) to remain in effect, but have the Tone and Volume controls work normally. The Variax section in the Mixer has 5 options: None, Volume Lock, Tone Lock, Vol+Tone Lock, and Vol+Tone+Togl Lock. So there is no setting for Togl Lock separately from Volume and Tone! I did find a workaround. I set the amp's Ch Vol controlled by Variax Vol and the amps's Treble to the Variax Tone. This setting will lock the Model Selector and leave the other two controls to their assignments. Kind of a pain, and not what I wanted. Can't find any other way to do it in the manual. Seems like such a simple thing.
  11. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    @hurghanico Thanks for the link, it looks useful. I'll check it out.
  12. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    @hurghanico Thanks for the info. I nearly always use the software. Doing it on the hardware is difficult for me, too linear. I like to see everything laid out. I do it that way on both my other multi-effect units. That's why I got rid of my M13. Too complicated, no software.
  13. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    Thanks, that's much easier. @pianoguyySo I have to look at Flash Memory, not USB Firmware.
  14. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    I don't see that. My Variax is connected, too, but this shows 500X.
  15. Nicky-T

    blank Set List

    Monkey shows nothing newer, I have 1.04. It still worked for me.
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