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  1. So I have a Line 6 EX 1 pedal connected, and I have the global setting EXP1 Position / EXP2 Position set to "global". Regardless of which pedal (EXP1/EXP2) I choose as my volume pedal, and which I choose as my whammy pedal, The volume pedal ALWAYS defaults to the value of its opposite pedal when switching between presets. If I go through all my presets and switch which pedal maps to volume, the volume state picks the OPPOSITE pedal.
  2. My hope is that they can at least add the new amps/cabs and fuzzes. I would really, really like the acoustic sim. But even if they just took a page from the "8 bank" upgrade for HX and let us be more free-form with our banks, and get rid of the fixed amp/cab/eq/pedals and have just a blank slate, that alone would bring the Pod Go up to pace with the seriously-competitive updates in 3.0. There's times where what I really want from ES1/2 is Volume & Stereo Spread, or I'd want to run without an amp/cab and get Drive + 5 "direct to the board". Plus all the obvious and easy things like favorites/defaults and full usb midi out (which would be helped by having a 'blank slate' option) Also it would be nice if they fixed the bug where if I have "global position" for Expression 1 / 2 set, but have a patch that maps volume to Ex1 and another to Ex2, it's possible to have the position of 1 or 2 to apply to 2 or 1 even when switching between presets that have the same mapping.
  3. I assume the poly pitch stuff is right out, including the acoustic and 12-string, so will we get a distortion and maybe the MIDI out?
  4. I just got my Pod Go, connected it via USB-A->USB-C, and trying to record into Ableton Live gives me levels that never get above -20dB for a clean tone, and even with an amp dialed up to 10, never comes close to being "loud". (Yes, I have the volume pedal at '100'.) Switching to GarageBand and comparing the levels to any of Garageband's built-in "drummer" tracks is similarly low. Only when everything is dialed up to '10' and compressed, does the sound merely match the perceived volume of a simple drum track. Additionally, the clean channels (3/4) are low as well, and can't be boosted. This is with firmware 1.12 7a876bc1.
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