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  1. I did that and I couldn't update my Helix from 2.92 to 3.0... I had to reinstall HX Edit 2.92, UPDATE my Helix, and THEN install HX Edit 3.0. Am I the only one who had this issue? (I decided to rollback HX Edit to 2.92 because a youtuber updated his Helix from that version).
  2. I just realized there was a Workbench HD so I downloaded it, plugged my JTV-59 and tried uploading some tweaked patches but nothing... All I got is no sound at all and a mumble jumble of a name for all patches.... so I guess something is wrong... I had to re-install version 2.0 thru the Monkey, any idea what's going on?
  3. This ain't an amp, but you could totally get 2 Power Engine60s for less than 700 bucks... I like the way it sounds with the HD500X
  4. I just got my HD500X today, and it's basically the same thing. But: 1. It feels a little 'thinner' (the one of the HD500 was wider and hard to connect in a power strip) 2. LED is now rectangular (not circular) 3. LED is WAY brighter (it's annoying actually, lol)
  5. I finally got my HD500X today, anyone knows what the 1.10 firmware fixed?
  6. What we need for now, it's a rough estimate of when will the Next-Gen POD HD be released. So far all our HD models fit into a 'budget-friendly' multi-effects. As most of us think, it IS the time to think a little outside that point of view and maybe release 2nd line of PODs, Think of it as Toyota and Lexus (cars). I think to have the 'alternative' to have a special POD on the $1000 mark (as long as it's worth it) would be REALLY appealing to many, specially the gigging musicians. But again, I got no idea how they decide this things. Another idea I had is for them to release Expansion Packs. I really miss some FXs and amps from the X3 Live and POD Farm.
  7. I think I can explain why this happens. Do you remember the cellphones that appeared 3 years ago? Me neither... Technology moves too fast, so... those Sharc chips that the HD500 had, are not in production any more (most likely cos there are more powerful chips out there now. So, the X, is not really a new model, but an upgrade. It's pretty much like replacing a Tegra 2 processor for a Tegra 3. Why would you try and get a Tegra 2 nowadays? 20% might not be a lot, but if you can live without reverbs (or use an external one) then you must be able to use Dual Tones more often, and that it's important for some. This is not a real new model, this is not the HD1000, this is just the replacement of the HD500 which components might not exist anymore.
  8. Amps: - Peavey 5150 - Diezel VH4 (even though I'm not into metal, it gives me a nu-metal feel) - Mesa Boogie Tremoverb - Orange AD30TC (or any good Orange amp) - At least 2 more BASS amps (from the X3) FXs: - Maestro Brassmaster (a.k.a. Bronze Master in the X3), PLEASE... This is a quintessential bass FX. - Auto-Swell (from the X3) - Auto-Wah (and I mean a real one) - Bass Overdrive - Boss GEB-7 (EQ for bass) General Stuff: - Global EQ - Looper outside an FX block (i don't even need it, so I could use that DSP for something else) - An option to 'clear' a patch would be appreciated (no real way to do it the HD500x Edit) - Am I the only one who would find useful to run 1 amp throught 2 different cabs?
  9. Mine is still on its way here :( But, I bought the HD500 as soon as it was released over 3 years ago... and I just sold it for 350 xD lol So only 20% more, well... that will help me still, for some dual tones :D Nice video :D
  10. I will say 2015, after all it took 3 years for a refresh on the HD500. But it'd be nice to have an official announcement about the future of the HD line...
  11. I would have been nice to have different colors for the footswitches (based on the type of FX used), for example... in A-B-C-D, it'd be nice to see these colors: OD/Dist = Yellow Delay = Green Reverbs = Orange Modulation = Blue Filters = Purple And for the presets, red. (this would be also useful if you don't use presets but just individual pedals)
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