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  1. So I'll answer my own question. I took a chance on the Sonic Port VX and it does in fact work plugged into the Surface Pro 3 Dock when switching the Sonic Port VX to the default soundcard and plugging in headphones to the Sonic Port VX device. I was then able to use Pod Farm 2.57 without issue. Sonic Port VX is a perfect GuitarPort replacement when using newer hardware in lieu of a Guitar Port driver update which is my guess at what the GuitarPort problem is.
  2. Has anyone had any luck plugging a GuitarPort into a Surface Pro 3 Dock? When switching the GuitarPort to the default soundcard and plugging in headphones to the GuitarPort device all I get is noise. Would the dock be considered a USB hub in this case and the cause of the issue? If not a GuitarPort has anyone plugged a Sonic Port VX into a Surface Pro 3 Dock, I was thinking of upgrading if it resolves the issue? I was hoping the dock would just work like a pass-through and not a hub. The whole idea was to have the Line6 device plugged into the dock and attach the Surface when I wanted to jam a long to an mp3 or learn songs. A little stationary jam station in my music room.
  3. Thanks, i was hoping that was the case. just couldn't watch the video at work
  4. Is the power supply for the HD500X the same as the HD500? I guess my real question is can I use my spare HD500 power supply with an HD500X if needed?
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