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  1. I'd definitely love to see something like a VDI wireless gadget avalable for Variax-Helix integration someday. Would pay that much for it, if it proved to be reliable (for years to come) and worth the investment.
  2. Cool, thanks everyone. I'm waiting to grab a Helix Floor or LT unit myself, and then I'll buy the Native to go along. Definitely enjoyed what I've been able to demo with the trial version.
  3. I'm having the same issue. Could some of you guys demonstrate grafically what the solution was? I'm not sure what you're calling "third contact" and such. Sorry, not the most handy guy here (at least with eletronics). Will appreciate any help!
  4. Sorry to bring this topic back from the dead but... Is this still an unresolved issue with the Helix Native software for Mac users? I got the free trial version and had this same error happen to me the second time I tried to open it up. The workaround described in this topic (deleting the Session Token number) worked fine, but I'm really not very enthusiastic about spending money on bugged software. Specially if it happens just the same for paid users.The problem was reported in October 2018, if it's still unresolved by now (July 2020) this doesn't give a very optimistic message about Line 6's commitment to it - even though it DOES sound great, what's the use if it breaks my sessions every time? I hope they got that fixed. Will appreciate any feedback on this, even after so much time...
  5. I know that this can sound a bit displaced or even as a redundant idea somehow, but what are your guys thoughts about using Universal Audio's OX top box both as an attenuator for the DT 50 2x12 combo amp and as a studio tool? I'm aware there are cheaper options as far as attenuator options on the market go. But UA's OX would also give me an alternate cabinet modelling system - which, at least by what I heard online, appears to offer better results then the ones I was (so far) able to get from Line 6's overcomplicated - IMO - Dream Rig ecosystem. I gotta say the review that the Andertons did of it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ9k1jZ-gzQ) really made quite an impression on me. Depending on the results I might even drop my POD HD500 (I'm already thinking about moving back to a real pedalbord anyway) and stick with just the UA's piece of gear complementing my dream rig (JTV 69 + DT amp). Any thoughts on this?
  6. Hey guys, I'm about to update my DT 50 212 soon, so I've been reading this old thread (and others): http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/89020/ Just wanted to check if I can do this update from my USB/MIDI keyboard controller (an AKAI MPK 61). It has both MIDI In and MIDI Out ports. Does anyone know if that would work? Or should I get a dedicated interface for this (something like that M-Audio Uno one)? If the keyboard works (hooked up to the computer via USB), then I'm assuming I'll need 2 MIDI cables connecting: DT 50 MIDI In -> AKAI Midi Out DT 50 MIDI Out -> AKAI MIDI In. Is that correct? Has anyone succeeded performing the firmware update from a keyboard controller before? I'm always afraid of doing these firmware updates on my Line 6 gear... I can't afford to "brick" my amp., since I'm very far from any Line 6 service center. Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. OK, I get your point. I'm usually more cautious about posting stuff online on forums (without extensively reading other threads first). I clearly panicked (sorry about that), cause this was the first time I wasn't able to get the computer to "see" the guitar. Fortunately for me the interface (which btw I didn't valued much till now) reverted it, but apparently this wasn't enough for other folks around here. For some the guitar really got "bricked" by this process. I think there's plenty evidence on this forum that this reflash process isn't 100% secure and very straightforward as Line 6 probably expected it to be in the first place. It's a shame that sometimes we have to prevent ourselves from getting the latest version of the firmware (and checking the new sounds) in order to keep our instruments "safe". The option to download the firmware before and have it checked by this MD5 tool is cool (though I would like to see it also available for Mac, since I haven't a PC). But I'm not sure if it could prevent me from having anything going wrong with the reflash itself. For now, I'll stick with the 1.71 version that I personally like the best. I didn't tried the more recent ones though. PS1: Lollipop is very silly indeed. But it certainly made me laugh. PS2: God, Dog, Zorg, whatever fits your need, man... it was just an expression ;) PS3: Anyway, I've just marked the thread as solved.
  8. Yes Charlie. I also did that, based on your suggestion from the other thread. In fact I've downloaded all the firmware versions to my computer and from now on whenever I need to do the reflash it will be directly from the file and plugged into the interface. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. False alarm, guys! I was able to connect the JTV using the Line 6 Interface and then a new reflash resolved the issue. Thank God :) Anyway... don't know how to delete this thread. Hopefully it can help someone in the future. The message here is: "Don't despair" :D
  10. Hi folks, I'm devastated to be here with such bad news (at least for me). I've tried to update the firmware from my JTV 69 (from 1.71 to 2.21) following all the security procedures - with a fully charged battery, both VDI and 1/4" TS mono plugged in, using the USB port directly from my Mac Pro, volume knob all up, with only the Line 6 Monkey app opened during the reflash. It was hooked trough a POD HD 500 (with everything up to date) connected to my DT50 via L6 link. Everything seemed to be going smoothly but in the end of the process the model knob and the tuning wheel turned green and red (respectively) and I've got this message saying: "Error opening MIDI ports" (see the pictures attached) I've tried to re-do the installation process but got stuck on this same message over and over again, even when I tried to rollback to 1.71. So I quit Line 6 Monkey, opened it again and then it wouldn't see my JTV among the connected devices. Now I've got none of the modelling sounds and don't have a clue of what to do next... :(((((( I've had this Red & Green knobs issue in the past also when updating the firmware, but I was able to revert it repeating the reflash process. My greatest concern is that I live in Brazil, far far away from Line 6. It would be a major pain in the lollipop to send it back to the US. Also the timing couldn't be worse, since I'm on the middle of an important project (yeah, I know! shouldn't have done the reflash in the first place) and got some gigs coming. =/// Is there any way to "force it" back to the factory settings without the Line 6 Monkey app (since it can't find the guitar anymore)? Or do you guys think this is something only the people at Line 6 can resolve? I'm not sure if I can get this kind of technical assistance form their representatives in Brazil (Habro Music). Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!! Please tell me my Dream Rig won't become a nightmare! :(
  11. Hell Yes!!! C'mon Line 6! It's about time!!! I'm pretty sure a JTV-like Variax Bass would find a good market for its own - among music producers, home studio owners, gigging musicians... I have a JTV 69 model (wich I love, btw) and would certainly buy a Bass companion for it (if you guys choose to update that too). Pretty sure there's a lot of other guys out there waiting for such thing to happen. What are you waiting for?! :P
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