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  1. psarkissian, I tried your idea with cleaning it first and that seems to have taken care of my issue. That string is back to sounding good again. Thank you both for your advice. I may have to replace the pickup at a later date but now I know how since I thought I was going to have to this time. Thanks again guys.
  2. Thank you guys for your tips. I will try cleaning the saddle and if that doesn't take care of it, I will replace the pickup.
  3. I have had my JTV59 for several years and until a year ago, I played regularly a couple nights a week. I have always been very pleased with the sound I get. I haven't played it for a few months (been playing my Taylor acoustic and don't play live anymore) and I went to try to learn the solo from Still Got the Blues by Gary Moore tonight and my 3rd string, G, has no volume compared to the others and sounds kind of like a toy guitar. It is only that string and only when I have the modeling turned on. If I turn off the modeling and just use the straight pickups, it is fine. Anyone got any ideas what I can do to fix this? I don't want to replace it and can't justify it since I am not playing live anywhere right now. Thank you all for your help.
  4. My wishlist would be: The SG that has been mentioned several times :) Gitane GJ-15 Gypsy Jazz Taylor Grand Auditiorium (specifically 414) Fender Jaguar (mentioned several times as well) Nylon strings would be nice as well Other than that I am just waiting to be able to get my HD500X (am currently using a XT Live) :) Loving my JTV59 though.
  5. Cool that explains that. I will look into buying a good one. So I don't have to worry about dead batteries like last Sunday. :)
  6. yeah, I need to get a vdi cable that is not folded like the one that came with it. That one is great for plugging into the computer, but it is a nuisance to use live. :)
  7. How long does it usually take to fully charge and do you really get the 12 hours the manual claims out of a full charge?
  8. That is what I figured, but wanted to make sure. Couldn't imagine it taking longer than overnight to charge. :) thx
  9. I think I accidentally threw away the paper that came with my JTV59 about the charger. I went to charge my battery last night and wasn't sure if it was charged this morning or not. I figured the light would turn green when charged. It was blinking when it had been on steady last night. How do I know that the battery is fully charged with this charger? Thanks. Just got my JTV59 last week and this is the first time I have charged the battery.
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