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  1. Hi everyone! I am a begginer with PODHD 500x, that's why I need your help. I dowloaded differents patches from the LINE 6 website, and when I tried them at home everything worked fine. When I went to play with my band in our small room, I attached the POD direct in front of a combo (LINE 6 SPIDER IV - CLEAN). Problem is that when I play a distorted patch, it start to whistle and make unsupportable noise. I read on http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/setup This that I report: "I recommend setting your output mode to the appropriate non-"Studio/Direct" mode. If you want to use your Pod for both "direct" and "live" purposes, I recommend leaving the output mode as "Studio/Direct" and setting your "live" patches up with "no cab" as your cabinet selection. When you use "no cab", you get the same output in every output mode (more-or-less) - all cab/mic simulation is simply disabled. " Now what I would like to try is to set INPUT 1: GUITAR and INPUT 2: VARIAX for all the patches; And then I would like to put this "no cab" suggested, but I don't really understand how to do this. About the "mixer" Path A and Path B should be Centered ? Or should I leave it 100%R and 100%L? May you help me through this? Any other reccomandations?
  2. May you upload any example of your records? Thanks for the advice I am going to keep this on my mind! ;) Did u had any experiences with the recording ? Usb or XLR output or Microphoned? Anyway the differences it's about 40 euros for the 2 version, I think it's worth to spend those money for the double of the power! I am going to receive the amp at the end of this week (hopefully) Thanks anyone for the answer, waiting for some recording experiences feedbacks ;)
  3. That's the answer I was looking for! I think I'll go with the 240! ;) Thanks Maaaan
  4. Hi eveyone! I am thinking to buy the Spider V, but I actually tryed just the 60w version of the amp, and I actually like it! I actually play Death-Metalcore and I need this amp for recording at home (USB/ Emulated Output to Audio interface / Shure SM57), and also to play some live concerts (small gigs) and with my band in small practise room. I am reading about REALLY BIG differences between the 120w and 240w version about: -Volumes (people changed their 120w with the 240w because it was not enough loud to play in live concerts) -Sound Quality (stereo vs mono seems to make a big difference) Since I don't have the possibility to try them in the store, is anyone able to tell me if there's really all this big difference? Is worth to spend more money to have 240w? Is really the 120w not loud enough? Is the 240w good to play at low volumes? Also, did anyone have any issues about latency while recording with USB ? Thanks everyone! :D Keep playing :lol:
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