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  1. Yes I am. Could it be something in the midi configuration ? On the B preset all is good, but on the others the light on the amp flashes and makes a popping noise. If the preset has delay more noise.
  2. Yes a bank you have preset A B C D. And on the B preset there is no popping. I think that is the most strange thing of it all. Why the pop on some presets and not all?
  3. Hi I have a problem with my HX effects. It is popping from preset to preset but not on all of them. My amp is a EVH 5150iii. I am using 4cm and I am switching the amp via midi (BankPC) It is not doing it on all the B presets. I think that is a bit strange. Is there any thing I can do to make this go away? Or what am I doing wrong? Please help me solve this problem :-)
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