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  1. Got it working! I changed USB ports, updated windows and turned off firewall.... then reinstalled drivers and software.... not sure what was the problem so tried a bit of everything at once... Thanks for the help...
  2. Thanks for the answers... I have disconnected Helix from the USB and also tried different ports on the computer... still no luck! Any other ideas I could try?
  3. Dear Helix User Friends, I have recently purchased a Helix LT and have already successfully managed to upgrade the firmware to 2.21, however I am having issues installing the latest version of the Helix Editor software. I have downloaded the latest software (Helix 2.21) at the Line 6 website and installed on my computer (Windows 7), however when attempting to open the editor I receive an error message saying “Helix has stopped working). I have uninstalled and re-installed the software various times, I have re-booted the computer between installations, etc and nothing seems to work… Has anyone else faced the same problems? Any ideas on how to get over this issues and get the software up and running? Thank you and I look forward to some help!
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