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  1. That is pretty disappointing. Hopefully Line6 will sort out an update to either the Firehawk or the older Variaxes to allow them to talk to each other properly soon?
  2. Evorgeloc, did you resolve this issue? It was happening to me a lot, and I exchanged it for another Firehawk. The second one seems better, but it froze today. I was using JTV89F through a digital cable, FBV2 pedal, and iPhone 6 app. Cheers, Carl
  3. Hi If you get the tone how you want it, then save it to "my tones". Once it's there, you can choose which slot in the amp to save it to by clicking on "store on firehawk 1500". It should look something like this: Hope that helps?
  4. I have one from roqsolid- it fits perfectly, and looks pretty smart. Delivery was about 3 weeks though
  5. I managed to exchange mine for a new one from the supplier - this example seems to be much more stable, but it cut out this evening for the first time. I was using the app on an iPhone 6 to edit a patch whilst streaming a track from Spotify, and changing patches with FBV2. It has only happened the once, but will see how it goes. Since your amp is so new, it may be worth exchanging it. I have a JTV89F variax, and haven't had any problems controlling it through the amp, however you only seem to be able to edit the variax settings on a patch when the variax is connected to the amp - an extra tab appears in the app on the far left of the effects chain.
  6. Hi I've had my Firehawk 1500 for about 3 weeks now - it sounds incredible, but I have been having problems with the amp freezing when changing patches. It initially happened when I was browsing patches on the iPad app, but has since done it when using the FBV shortboard MkII, with Bluetooth switched off on the amp. It seems completely random as to which patch causes the problem, but once the sound has cut out, I have to turn the amp off and on again. I found a thread with people experiencing similar problems with the Firehawk FX unit, but haven't seen any reports of this problem with the amp. I have installed the latest firmware, removed everything from my tones (there was nothing special in there!), and performed multiple factory resets, but if anything, it seems to be getting worse. I wonder if I just have a bad unit? .. I am going to see if the supplier will exchange it as I am still within 28 days of purchase. Any ideas?? Cheers
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