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  1. Hey thanks for your advice, Im totally embarassed - did as you wrote and it worked without a hassle. No problem at all. Just me being a retard :) Thanks, Im gonna continue making laying down guitartracks now. :)
  2. I found this in the "announcement"-section. It only adds to my confusion: s it because amplifi tt isn't supported????! When I go to the link to get the ASIO drivers, THERE IS NOTHING available for download. Is this the drivers I need? How can I get them? Anyone has a direct link? And what the heck is "amplifi utility software"? Sure sounds like something I should have on my computer as an amplifi owner? How do I get that? I checked a million times now and theres is nothing I can download from Line 6's homepage... I bought this product with the sole intent of being able to do some recordings on my computer. Right now its looking bad.
  3. I cant get a USB-connection going in my DAW when I connect my amplifi tt to my computer via. USB. Thats my problem. It doesn't appear as a device in Reaper at all.. When I plug in my amplifi to my computer via. usb it tells me it fails to install unit drivers? I've had a lot of trouble updating my Amplifi to latest patch and Im not even sure it's done correctly. I tried locating amplifi drivers and updates on my PC, in the hope that I could do it manually, but nope. Line 6 dont have any software for amplifi products available for downloading I guess. Im very frustrated, please help
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