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  1. I have a pod hd pro and i downloaded the new metal hd pack today and basically i was trying out the new amps and when ever i put an EQ in the post area it goes all crackly sounding and lollipop. anyone know what this is?
  2. Okay thanks for the help man. I wish they would of told the public that when they released it! what a lollipop take.
  3. I have a POD HD pro and i just purchased the HD metal pack. After going on the licence manager to authorize it the manager told me to update my L6 monkey, i have done that about 4 times now and nothings happening it just keeps telling me to do the same thing again and again. I'm getting very angry now as i just spent my money on this and it's not even working!
  4. Hello i'm trying to get a sound effect like in this song. it happens at the start of the breakdown (2:43) and again at 2:54. It's kind of like echoey water drop sound effect and i would like to make a HD PRO preset like this for my band. any help would be awesome! Link to song here: ---> thanks Harry
  5. I'm trying to record vocals but it doesn't seem to be working. I plugged my microphone into the pod mic input then turned on the phantom power to power my condenser microphone and then went on a new tone with nothing on it. my pod unbalanced outputs are plugged into my speakers (like normal) and the pod is connected to my daw by usb but when i arm the track it picks up no audio at all but the little green signal light on the pod is flashing when i talk into the mic haha someone please help me! thanks
  6. No i though i had the tones on my computer but i don't:( do you know how or why the tone changes? it might help me re-tweak the tone haha
  7. HarryFromAten


    I updated my pod hd pro but all my patches now sound different D: i really need to get one of the patches to sound exactly how it did before lol please help someone
  8. So i can use a 250V kettle lead for the POD? i was just worried as the POD says it takes 240V
  9. I ordered my Pod hd pro from America (i'm from England) and it came with the power cable but it's an American one so it won't fit my plug sockets. I will most likely just get an American to English plug adapter but i was wondering if i can use a kettle lead (power cable) that is 10A 250V for the pod? On the pod above the power input it says 100-240V 50 - 60Hz 100w max so i didn't know if it would overpower it? or break it in some way? I have loads of 250v power cables already so it will be great if i can just use one but if it's going to damage my pod i'll just get an adapter or buy a power cable thats 240v. Any help would be great, thanks Harry
  10. Ah yes it's working now! thank you very much:) Also sorry to keep asking questions but if i wanted to record a tone i have made on my pod should i plug the left and right unbalanced output into my interface inputs and record like that or just connect my pod via usb and record it from the usb?
  11. Oh haha thank you! So i just plug the dry output into the input of my interface and that should work?
  12. I have a Pod hd pro and i'm trying to record the dry output but it's not working can someone please help? I have my guitar plugged into the dry output and the pod is connected to my laptop by usb and in my daw there is no sound or signal.
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