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  1. absolutelly..!! you are right...but if for any reason you need to change anything (like for example global settings) , you'll be in trouble. Because the joystick also works to select outputs, settins, etc and it won't let you choose from that menu either.
  2. Yes, you can still work with the Helix editor´s software and make patches (studio, homeworks, desk works or recordig) etc...but it will definetly be a major problem in live situations.
  3. I´m newer victim here.. My joystick stopped working as push botton. Opened a ticket, and Line 6 sent me to inspection and repair down here in Chile....!! Considering that the Helix has been no more than 8 months on stores I´m a little concern how this story will continue... I hope Line 6 will manage correctly this issues in foreing countries.. keep you updated..
  4. thanks, !! I've just done it, seems to be a malfunction in the joystick.
  5. Actually I'm working in a new preset...that the weird thing here...
  6. thank you guys for the comments!!!, I have just realize that neither the joystick and software open the menu list or chosse something...!! So the problem is not mechanical it may be in the software or processor..I'm lost here..!! Somebody has experience this before..?
  7. Hi guys; Last night the joystick on my Helix stop working. Still works as twisting knob but not as "push botton". I can´t select anything on the screen. Does anybody has this issue before..? I have performed an update and a reboot after the problem appears without succes.
  8. pininon


    My tener is jumpy aswell, to the point I "almost tune" my guitar with. In stage situation will be a problem...to slow to tune.
  9. thanks my friend..!!!
  10. Hi guys, During my rehearsal last night I step into a switch and couldn`t came back to stomp mode, can somebody help me with that..? does anybody know why this happened..? thank you..!!
  11. Hi guys; After all the phenomenon Elixir has produced since it was released I decide to bet on it!! I was lucky to get one the GC. I'been playing for the last 20 year of my life, mostly in stages doing covers always using tubes amplifiers until now. So far I have struggle to get a good tone at home' studio and in the rehearsal. Today I'm using the Helix trough the return of my valve amp (so there`s no gain or distortion there), and no cabinets selected in the mix, only using the real cabinets of my rig (4x12 Celestial Greenbacks). I feel the sound is way to crunchy and compressed, and considering that I'm only using volume, distortion and amp + delay, on my Helix line, but still no feeling good with the tone? when I used amp+cabinets in the Helix, the tone gets more real..but there is a lack of presence in the tone to play live. Can somebody help me..?? or share your experience..??
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